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How did the radio change American culture during the 1920's?

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Music and radios became a big part of everyone's lives because

it was a source of their entertainment, no matter how young or old

they were. People would gather and turn on their radios to listen

to the music, news, weather reports, advertisements, comedy acts,

or even the sports events that were broadcast 24 hours a day.

many broadcasters became famous, such as Floyd Gibbons, who was

one of the first news reporters and was able to deliver 217 words

per minute

Radio broadcasting was a new idea, so people believed everything

that was said on the radio.

The" roaring 20's" were often called the Jazz Age due to the

popularity of Jazz at the time. Jazz was first introduced in the

South by black musicians and rose to fame because of its different

rhythm and beat.

Today, music brings people together through live concerts, TV,

internet, and radio, which brings people together through live

broadcasts of news from all over the world. Also, listeners can

relate to songs that people write to express themselves.

radio was invented in the late l800's, but by l920, it had

become a major form of communication

. Families gathered around it to listen to the daily news, and

during World Wars I and II, it was the only source of information,

because Television and the Internet had not yet been invented!

Entertainers gained exposure on the Radio by being Guest Artists,

which saved many miles of travel. Later on, listeners started

calling in on the telephone, to add their

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