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Mormons were travelling in search of religious freedom, while most others were moving in hopes of economic well-being, usually in mining, building railroads, or because they were offered free land to homestead.


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Mormons are not "bad" any more than anyone else is. Many Christians do not consider Mormons to be Christians because some of their doctrines differ from what most Christian churches teach.

Mormons don't hate anyone because of their religion, including catholics. They respect that some people believe in faiths that differ from their own.

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We are in many aspects Christian, but many of our beliefs differ from those of traditional Christans sects.

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Native Americans believed nature was sacred. White settlers believed nature was a resource.

To find out what Latter day Saints believe aka Mormons. You can visit web site and find out. You can also chat live with official representatives of the Church on that site as well.

We believe in a modern day prophet, who is...Thomas S Monson (Sorry I probably spelled that wrong lol)

If you mean the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, then they're the same. If not, I don't know.

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Those on the Mormon trail were seeking religious freedom, those on the Oregon trail were not traveling for religious reasons. Both were moving west for a chance at a new life, but what that 'new life' would involve was different.

The natives were angered at what was occurring and also angry that their sacred land was desecrated. The Settlers thought this movement was a God given opportunity to move on in the new world.

Jamestown was settled for economic reasons and Pymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colony were settled for religious reasons.

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