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their roles in the war for women was them serving as nurese and the African American men fighting in the war by themselves not with the other men


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The roles of African Americans in the 1950's was for them to go to school and get a job. During this time, many boycotts were going on, so some of the peoples roles were to help the Civil Rights movement.

There were many roles that women and African Americans had in fighting in the US Civil war war. Women were nurses, and African Americans were slaves in the south. The north had some African American regiments

African Americans during the American Revolution were typically either kept on in their traditional roles, or often offered in place of their owners for military service.

African Americans had many important roles that they played in the war for independence. They helped to operate farms and businesses when the men would go off to fight. Enslaved African Americans fled from their masters to take up arms with the British after they were promised freedom for their efforts.

The African Americans role in the siege of Peters burg, Virginia during the Battle of Crater and in the Battle of Nashville were of vital importance. Their relief roles were serving as cooks, nurses, blacksmiths, etc. They were also used as spies and agents. It is said that about one-third African Americans lost their lives.

the women were nurses and the african americans battled and they to charge over only black people not white people

they fought in the military service. -by jaliyah francois

The history of African Americans in the U.S. Civil War is marked by 186,097 (7,122 officers, 178,975 enlisted) African American men, comprising 163 units, who served in the Union Army during the Civil War, and many more African Americans served in the Union Navy. Both free African Americans and runaway slaves joined the fight. On the Confederate side, blacks, both free and slave, were used for labor

They fought in the war, while the people promised them freedom if they fought.

Women got employment gains. Over 6 million women had entered the work force. Offered women more challenging work and better pay. African Americans left the south and worked in skilled or semi-skilled jobs.

roles of countries did not change during the war, they were the same as before and afterwards.

Soldiers, Dock workers, Cooks, Servants, Cleaners, Authors (few)

Since the Civil War, African Americans and Latinos have served proudly in all wars. In 1948, the Congress passed laws that required the integration of the US military after more than a century of segregation.

They left the south and began working at skillful jobs while the men were away.

African Americans, although still marginalized by society, were key players in the development of television and rock 'n' roll. Their talents and styles greatly influenced these two revolutionary mediums.

The wars that were fought between the British and French used Native Americans as proxies. Native Americans fought on both sides of the war.

To labor for their master.

women sometimes helped thus becoming respected

Invented itANS 2 - Television was invented by Scottish inventor John Logie Baird.

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