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Tension rose between north and south because the south would lose some algriculture. Meaning the south would have to find people to replace slaves to pick their main source which was cotton.

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Q: How did the ruling in the Dred Scott v. Sanford case increase tension between the North and South?
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The Supreme Court ruling in Dred Scott v Sandford 1857 helped to increase sectional conflict because the decision-?

The Supreme Court ruling in Dred Scott v. Sanford helped to increase sectional conflict because the decision denied Congress the ability to regulate slavery in the territories. The Chief Justice was Roger B. Taney.

What was the legal reasoning behind the ruling from Dred Scott v Sanford?

The legal reasoning behind the ruling was that African Americans were not and could never be citizens. And, they had no judicial rights in US courts.

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"Dred Scott Vs Sanford" was the landmark case that established precedent for slavery. Essentially the ruling was that congress could not ban slavery in certain states.

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ruling is related to dictatorship, i.e. unlimited power. But governing means running rules on basis of Constitution.

What was the ruling in the Scott v Sanford court case?

That the slave Scott could not have his freedom, because the Founding Fathers had declared that a man's property was sacred, and the Chief Justice reckoned that they would have included slaves in their definition of property.

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