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The shamrock is a symbol of Ireland, but it is not the national symbol. The official national symbol of Ireland is the harp, which can be seen on Irish coins and documents. Tradition says that St. Patrick, in attempting to explain the meaning of the Holy Trinity, picked up a shamrock leaf to illustrate his point of three parts to one whole object. The three leaves of the shamrock represent the Father (God), Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. It has become a popular symbol over the centuries and now often symbolizes pride in one's Irish heritage.

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Q: How did the shamrock become the symbol of Ireland?
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Which country has the shamrock as one of its symbols?

The Shamrock is a symbol of Ireland.

What does the shamrock stand for?

The Shamrock is a symbol of Ireland and St. Patrick's Day.

What is the symbol for Ireland?

probaly a harp or shamrock

What is the unofficial symbol of Ireland?

A shamrock is often used as an unofficial symbol for Ireland. The official symbol is a harp.

How many sections are in the symbol of Ireland?

The official symbol of Ireland is a harp, and not a shamrock as many people think. A shamrock normally has 3 parts, if that is the answer you are looking for.

What is another symbol of Ireland besides the shamrock?


Is Ireland's national flower the thistle?

No. The thistle is the symbol for Scotland. Ireland's is the shamrock.

What are Ireland's national symbols?

The harp, which is the official symbol or Ireland, and the shamrock are the main ones.

What Represents Ireland?

a cloverleafthe official symbol of Ireland is the harp. The shamrock is also used.

Where did the shamrock come from?

The shamrock comes from the Irish custom and is known as Ireland's national symbol. The Irish used the shamrock as a folklore of luck.

What is Ireland's most popular symbol?

The shamrock is a popular symbol for Ireland, but it is not the official symbol. The official symbol is the harp, which appears on coins and on official documents.

What is a traditional symbol of Ireland?

The official symbol of Ireland is the harp. You will find it on Irish coins and official government documents. The shamrock is also thought of as being a symbol of Ireland.

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