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By establishing Missions and Presidios

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Q: How did the spanish colonize Texas?
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What groups of native Americans presented a problem for Spanish efforts to colonize Texas?

the Comanche where the main problem for the Spanish to colonize Texas

Why did spanish come to Texas?

to colonize, claim land and build missions!

What Was The Result Of french attempts to colonize Texas?

They were basically unsuccessful and the Spanish responded with building more missions.

Did the Spanish have the right to claim and colonize Texas?

They had every right but didn't bother with it until France made an effort to do so.

Why did Spanish settle in Texas?

The French had been unsuccessful in their endeavor to colonize the region, abandoning Fort Saint Louis in 1689.

Why was it hard to colonize Texas?

Its hard because of the population that is their. Also it was hard because a large area of it was wealthy. This made it hard to colonize Texas.

Did Spanish colonize Colombia?


Why did Austin want to colonize Texas?

So he can give freedom to Texas from Mexico :)

When did the Spanish enter Canada?

If the question is "When did the Spanish colonize Canada" the answer is never.

Did the Spanish colonize the Americans?

Yes, the Spanish colonized the southwest and Florida.

What land does Stephen f Austin colonize?


Why did the Spanish colonize Mexico?

God, gold and glory

What did erasmo seguin do to help colonize Texas?

that's what textbooks are for.

Which Spanish explorer received permission to colonize Florida?

Juan Ponce de León got permission to colonize Florida.

Did the Spanish colonize most of the US before the English?


Which spanish explorer recieved permission to colonize florida?

The person who received permission to colonize Florida was Juan Ponce de Leon. Juan Ponce de Leon was the Spanish explorer who received permission to colonize Florida. Juan Ponce de Leon received permission from Ferdinand to colonize Florida after he returned to Spain in 1514.

How do you say 'Texas' in Spanish?

'Texas' in Spanish is 'Tejas.'

Who were the first and largest European group to colonize Brazil?

The First European group to colonize Brazil was...The Spanish

Stores named in Spanish in Texas?

NO!! they do not have spanish stores in Texas

What is the Spanish legacy of Texas?

What are examples of the Spanish legacy in Texas

When was Spanish Texas created?

Spanish Texas was created in 1690.

When did Spanish Texas end?

Spanish Texas ended in 1821.

Why did cortes kill the aztecs?

To colonize their land as part of the Spanish empire

Why did the spanish move to america?

To colonize and to obtain gold and other riches.

What countries did napoleon colonize?

africa, propaganda, texas, german, turkey and indiana