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sponsers helped the tributes stay alive in the arena by giving gifts such as food or water. However, sponsers depend upon the tributes training score and the probability of them staying alive

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Q: How did the sponsors prove helpful to the tributes in the Hunger Game?
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How does haymitch describe katniss's interview skills why is this a problem?

In the Hunger Games, getting gifts can be the fine line between life and death. A loaf of bread from District 4 can save you even on the brink of starvation. Getting gifts, however, come from sponsors. To get sponsors you have to prove your worth. Some of the traits they treasure are strength, great fighting skills, an ability to hold your own. Charm is one of the many important ones. The interviews are to give the potential sponsors a chance to meet all the tributes, pick out the weak from strong, and hear their charm. Long story short, Sponsors= gifts. No charm=No sponsors=No gifts. Haymitch strongly relied on her fighting abilities, as she has, as he put it, 'As much charm as a dead slug.'

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When Katniss kisses Peeta, the viewers are intrigued and want to see more from the "star-crossed lovers of District 12". So they put in sponsors for them. Haymitch sends a parachute, with the sponsor money, at the time to prove to Katniss that kissing=sponsors. That's how I interpreted it!

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