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The state of Montana got its name because it is surrounded by and has so many mountains. The Latin word Montana means mountainous.


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It come from the state Montana

the national park that is montana state park?

she's named Hannah Montana so her singing name can rhyme with a state.

It got its name by all the gold and silver found in Montana.

One state that has a woman's name for a capital is Helena, Montana.

Montana State University is located in the state of Montana.

The name of the state that borders Canada that has Helena as its capital is Montana.

nonsense. MT is The Bigsky State.

It is Montana. Montana means "mountanus" in Latin or mountanous.

'Montana' and they also have a State Ballad called 'Montana Melody'..

Montana State University-Billings is located in the state of Montana.

Montana State University-Northern is located in the state of Montana.

No. shes actually from Tennessee. Hannah Montana is just her name. In fact, she never once even performed a concert in her "namesake" state.

i am pretty sure it is Montana because Montana in spanish is mountains.

Yes Montana does have a state tax.

The abbreviation for the state of Montana is MT.

I don't know maybe because the state is called Montana.

Xit Road is the name of a street in Terry, Montana. St. Xavier ("Xavier") is a community in Big Horn, Montana.

Montana is an equitable distribution state.

The state soil of Montana is Scobey soil.

Yes.Montana is a Hannah Montana if it wasn't a name Hannah will not gonna be MontanaHannah Montana

Billings is the largest city in the state of Montana, and it is the county seat of Yellowstone County; however, it is not the capital. Helena, Montana is the state capital. There is also a Billings, Missouri, but no city of Billings that is a state capital.

Montana became a state on November 8, 1889. The capital of Montana is Helena, and the state flower is the bitterroot.

Montana.Montana's flowerBitterroot is the state flower of Montana.

yes montana is a state and also a great resturant to get stake and burgers and its a famous popstar last name a.k.a hannah montanas last name too

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