How did the telephone help people?


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It allowed long distance communication. This allowed greater expansion and faster economy.


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The telephone will help everyone more likely businesses or mass groups of people

because is help they by the phone .

you can talk to people from anywhere around the world

it didnt it help-ed them

they help you talk to people far away

Telephones help people by allowing them to talk to each other even in distant locations.

We use telephones to talk with. These days, people use cellphones .

the telephone did and did not help the environment. It did help, because less trees were being used to write letters. But it didn't help too, because of the telephone wires and poles. They got in the way of animals. The telephone did however, give more jobs to others, and helped many people contact others.

The telephone helps us communicate and pass on important information. You can talk with your friends, family, or business people. The telephone has helped us so much!

it gave people a way to connect with each other from far distances.

The telephone was made to help people communicate with eachother when they were not within shouting range, and do so more easilly than with a telegraph.

He invented the first telephone he created the first form of telephone which made it easier for people to communicate

improtanat to used telehpone because is communicate to talk with they people

yes you can call people with a telephone!! who knew!!

It helped greaty in communication. Before the invention of telephone, a pigeon or some birds were sent with a message for communication and people used to wait for ages together to get a reply. Now with the invention of telephone, communication has become very easy than expected.

telephone is for people to call

the telephone is to speck to people

The telephone was created so people can communicate with other people...

Alexandra Graham Bell discovered the telephone to help people communicate better. Unlike the earlier centuries before 1876 when the telephone was actually invented, communication was very clumsy and people had to travel longer distances to communicte with some one who was far away. After the invention of the telephone, there was a revolution in communication

Bullying Help lines are telephone lines manned by members of anti-bullying organisations to help people, kids and parents of kids who are being bullied.

it made it so that people could comunicate with ease and so if there is an emergency you can get help!

I like telephones, they help me keep in touch with people who live far away.

Alexander Graham Bell invented the Telephone to teach the deaf people to talk , and he has been reserching on sound for many years . ~ hope this can help you . :)

The number of my telephone numbers is eleven. How does that bit of information help you?

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