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Circa 1896-1900 Basketball was played in a large mesh cage. Link to a site about this, and the New Jersey Trentons aka "cagers" capital century.com

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What is a cager?

A cager is a basketball player, or a person who drives an automobile for commuting, a term used pejoratively by cyclists to refer to non-cyclists.

What is a balla?

A balla is a slang term for a superior ball player, usually a superior basketball player.

What are you long term goals?

To live to be 100. to become a professional basketball or soccer player

What is the basketball term in the paint?

It is very simple it means literally means the player is standing in the painted part of the court in front of the basketball hoop

What was placed are the basketball court to protect the spectators?

Early basketball games were played with a cage around the court, giving rise to the term 'cagers' that is used to describe a basketball player.

What basketball term starts with the letter P?

A basketball term that starts with P is pass.

What is your vertical leap?

Vertical leap is a term used in basketball. It is the measurement of how high a player can leap vertically, which is just what the name implies. Since I'm not a basketball player, my vertical leap is only about 15 inches.

What is the definition for aircraft carrier in basketball?

A tall and/or large player. 'Aircraft carrier' is a slang term for a center or power forward.

Lay up shot is a term associated with which of the games?

A "lay-up" is associated in basketball when a player lays the ball in the net.

When did the term double double in basketball originate?

Double-double is a basketball term, defined as an individual performance in a game in which a player accumulates a double digit number total in any two of these categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocked shots.

What does the basketball term gunner mean?

A Gunner is mostly a player who shoots the ball most off the time down the court offensively

What basketball term that starts with the letter K?

There are none... stop playing basketball

What does the term mouse in the house mean in basketball?

It is when a small player is guarding a larger, stronger player in the post. "That's mouse in the house right there... Free cheese" - Stacey King

What is the meaning of red shirt in college basketball?

The meaning of red shirt in college basketball is the same as other sports. The term is applied to a player who chooses to sit out for a season, usually after suffering a severe injury.

What is a fault in basketball?

Using the term fault in basketball is the same as using the term foul. It means that you touched someone while they had the ball in their hands.

What does the term drained mean in basketball?

The term Drained in basketball refers to shooting the basketball and having it cleanly go through the net making a "swish" sound. Usually highlight reel shots

What is a basketball goal?

A basketball goal is another term for a basketball hoop - a hoop with a string net, through which a basketball must be placed in order to score points in the game of basketball.

What does the term box and 1 mean in basketball?

It means you run a defensive zone while still playing 1 opposing player man to man.

When was the basketball term 'point guard' coined?

Pete Newell coined the term 'Point Guard' in the 1950's. It is meant to be the player that guarded the basket during a transition to not allow points.

Can anyone spot you a 'dime' in basketball?

Yes, a dime is a slang term for an assist in basketball.

What is does the term length mean in NBA basketball games?

the size of the basketball shoes in relation to the length of the court

What is the definition of the word slamdunk?

There are many uses for the term 'slam dunk.' The word slam dunk is defined to mean the action a basketball player makes with the ball. The term may also be used to describe the success of a situation.

What is the point spread in baseball?

Point spread is a term used in gambling, not a particular basketball term.

Where did the term nothing but net come from?

No one can be certain on the origination of the basketball phrase of "nothing but net". The reason for this is that basketball has and is played in all types of venues such as high school, college and professional leagues.What the term means, however, is that the ball is shot from the players' hand and goes through the basketball hoop without touching the metal hoop. Thus it "swishes" through and hits only the net hanging from the rim.

Another word for basketball?

Another word for the term 'basketball' would be 'b-ball'. Basketball is a sport that is played by and watched by many people in the United States.

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