How did the trial of john peter zenger become important to the colonists?

he was the one who gave us the freedom of speech and press. He printed and published a newspaper called The New York Weekly Journal along with his wife, Anna, and a friend, James Alexander. The "Governor" of the time, Governor Cosby, didn't like what they were saying against him even though it was the truth so he had Peter arrested. He was denied the rights of both a British citizen and an American one, he couldn't speak for days and spent months in jail. His wife kept on publishing the journal. Mr. Alexander was banned from arguing cases in New York so they got him Alexander Hamilton an old Philadelphia lawyer. After many lectures in court (both from the judges and Mr. Hamilton) the jury (which was all men) voted Zenger not guilty and he was freed. In 1776 about 40 years later, liberty of the press was added to our rights.