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How did the trial of john peter zenger become important to the colonists?

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he was the one who gave us the freedom of speech and press. He printed and published a newspaper called The New York Weekly Journal along with his wife, Anna, and a friend, James Alexander. The "Governor" of the time, Governor Cosby, didn't like what they were saying against him even though it was the truth so he had Peter arrested. He was denied the rights of both a British citizen and an American one, he couldn't speak for days and spent months in jail. His wife kept on publishing the journal. Mr. Alexander was banned from arguing cases in New York so they got him Alexander Hamilton an old Philadelphia lawyer. After many lectures in court (both from the judges and Mr. Hamilton) the jury (which was all men) voted Zenger not guilty and he was freed. In 1776 about 40 years later, liberty of the press was added to our rights.

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How did the trail of John Peter Zenger become important to the colonits?

Zenger's trail established an important right, freedom of the press.

Why is john peter zenger important?

John Peter Zenger was the publisher of New York weekly. He didn't like colonial governor.

Why is the john peter Zenger trial important?


How did the trail of John Peter zener become important to the colonists?


Why john peter zenger was important in the revolutionary war?

he was awesome

What important right was upheld in the John Peter Zenger trial?

Freedom of Press

Was John Peter Zenger a loyalist or a patriot?

John Peter Zenger was a Patriot, he was also a journalist.

How did John Peter Zenger die?

John peter zenger died by eating a poisonous rabbit

Who was John Peter Zenger?

John Peter Zenger was a publisher of the New York Weekly Journal.

When did Trial of John Peter Zenger happen?

Trial of John Peter Zenger happened in 1735.

What did john peter zenger have to do with the revolutionary war?

John Peter Zenger was an early newspaper printer. He played an important part in the Revolutionary War through getting word out to the colonist about occurring events.

The trail of John Peter Zenger?

The trial of John Peter Zenger, a New York printer, was an important step toward this most precious freedom for American colonists. Zenger was imprisoned when his paper published and article about a corrupt royal governor. He was found not guilty of libel by a jury. Although true freedom of the press was not known until the First Amendment, after this, newspaper publishers felt freer to print their honest views.

Why was Peter Zenger on trial?

He was a German-born American, a NYC printer, publisher, journalist and editor. In 1735 his trial was an important factor in the development of a free press.

What freedom was won by John Peter Zenger?

The freedom that was won by John Peter Zenger was the freedom of establishing the press.

John Peter Zenger how is similar with Fahrenheit 451?

How is the trial of John Peter Zenger similar to Fahrenheit 451?

For what crime was Peter Zenger tried?

Peter Zenger was charged with libel; he was acquitted and became a symbol for freedom of the press.

When did the trial of John Peter Zenger end?

the earliest time john peter zenger was free was august 5, 1735

What did john peter zenger do to get in trial?

John Peter Zenger wrote something bad about the government in a newspaper. When he lived, you were not allowed to do that.

Who was John Peter Zenger and why was he important?

John Peter Zenger was the publisher of New York Weekly Journal. He didn't like colonial governor William Cosby and he used his newspaper to voice his opinions about the governor. He was arrested and charged with seditious libel. There was a trial, Zenger won and the result was Freedom of Press in America. And that is why he is important. For more information, try the link below.

Were was John Peter Zenger from?


Did Peter Zenger have a sister or brother?


Was peter zenger in the Revolutionary War?


Who defended john peter zenger in the zenger trial?

Andrew Hamilton defended him against his trial.

Who was Peter Zenger in the Revolutionary War?

Zenger died in 1746, several years before the war.

The charge of which printer john peter zenger was acquitted setting an important precedent for freedom of the press?

He was accused of libel.