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North Vietnam launched an invasion of South Vietnam.
North Vietnam launched an invasion of south Vietnam.

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How did the two governments of Vietnam react follwing the free elections?

North Vietnam launched an invasion of south Vietnam.

How did the americans react to the Vietnam war?

Vietnam split public opinion between pro-war and anti-war factions.

How did Australia react to the Vietnam War?

Australia became our ally in the war.

How did Carter react to the USSR invading Vietnam?

He didn't, because it didn't happen.

How did the US react to soviet expansionism?

Soviet expansion=Communist expansion. We stopped them in Korea; failed in Vietnam.

Which of the following describes a chemical reaction?

atoms in substances react with eachother

How did australians react to president johnsons visit to Australia during the Vietnam war?

President Johnson's visit to Australia during the Vietnam War was met by Australian anti-war protests.

How did American government leader initially react to the Great Depression?

Governments reacted disappointed because they were afraid they wouldn't have $$$ left

How did people react when Vietnam war was over?

That would depend on which people you are referring to. It would also be depenable on which war and with whom.

How did the US react when you interfered in the Vietnam war?

The US helped South Vietnam with the South's blessing; the North was deciding if they should fight just the Southerners, or the US too. In the end, the North fought them both.

How did the students react to the Vietnam War?

The movement against the involvement of the United States in the Vietnam War began in the U.S. with demonstrations in 1964 and grew in strength in later years. The U.S. became polarized between those who advocated continued involvement in Vietnam and those who wanted peace.

How did Australians citizens react to the Vietnam War?

Some were for our part in the Vietnam war and some against however by the time we left the war most were against it and it had a lot to do with the downfall of the liberal country party coalition of the day.

How did the American citizens react to those who fought in the Vietnam war when they returned home?

They did not honor them. Instead the spit at the soldiers when they passed by everyone.

Is the following sentence true or false skeletal muscles react quickly and tire easily?

its false... skeletal muscles cannot react quickly and they don't tire easily...

What is the following contributes to ozone depletion?

Ozone depletion is contributed by CFC's. They react with ozone to deplete it.

How did people react to conscription in Vietnam?

Protests, draft card burning, mass arrests, and more draft riots (plus escapes to Canada).

What are the ingredients necessary to make acetic acid?

React either of the following ingredients with KMnO4: CH3CH3, CH3CH2OH

What did the world react on the Vietnam war?

They wanted it to end, so that they wouldn't get caught up in it. Said another way, they wanted it to end before it got out of hand.

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