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Q: How did the typewriter change peoples lives?
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How did 9-11 change peoples lives?

how did 9/11 change peoples lives

How did Taylor Swift change peoples lives?

she didn't change peoples lives she could threw her songs...

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how did clearance Thomas change peoples lives

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it did not

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How did plows change people lives

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it hasn't

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because it did

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hurricane Katrina did not change peoples lives it killed alot of people and it hurt so of their homes.

How did the typewriter change the economics of the people or area?

the typewriter changed economics in many ways, it helped peoples jobs and work and people easier making books

How did Alexander Graham Bell change peoples lives?

He created a new technology that changed peoples lives in such a way.

How did the typewriter make peoples lives easier?

* it made our life easier because we do not need to write but we would just type.

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It ended them

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It didnt.

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how did the use of iron change peoples lives

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by making music

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It help travel

How does the GPS change peoples lives each day?


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by macking the energy

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it doesint it just entertains you.

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from his Paintings

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For millions of people it ended their lives