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Q: How did the war change the structure and roles of some nations?
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How did the war change the structures and roles of some nations?

the united states took on a new position as a world leader

What is social change in sociology?

Some kind of change that changes society's structure, nature, or behavior

Some ways that density can change?

Pressure Temperature Changes in the molecular structure(chemical change)

How did the war change the structures and roles of some reason?

The United States took on a new position as a world wide leader

Why should all nations be responsible for effects of climate change?

Most nations have played some part in global warming and climate change. But, all nations with modern societies with automobiles and that use fossil fuel for heat or transportation contribute to climate change and are responsible for it to some degree. Whether they're responsible for it or not they'll suffer from it.

What is a physical change and what are some examples?

Your kidding, but an example is erosion, you can move it,keeping molecular structure, simple wander is a reverseable change

Why do some metals give a bigger temperature change than others?

the difference of the molecular structure

What are some synonyms for the term 'roles'?

There are many synonyms for the term 'roles'. Some of the most common synonyms for this word are participation, involvement, affairs, assignments and services.

What could affect specific heart structures?

Some sort of defect could change a structure in the heart

When you cook an egg do you think a chemical change occurs?

Yes. Some proteins fall apart causing the structure (the look and feel) of the egg to change.

What are some of the first nations called?

Some of the first nations are called countries.

What are some ways in which the workplace is changing?

Changes also occur in organizational structure, formal roles and jobs, control systems, work processes, and other elements of the organization's internal environment.

How many nations came out of Abraham?

The Jewish nation, the Arab nations and the Europian nations and some eastern nations.

Does the structure of the vocal chords of boys change at puberty?

Yes, the larynx stetches giving some boys an Adams apple.

What benefits does membership in the European Union confer on nations?

to unify them under a common currency and economic structure, as well as under some shared principles of law and human rights.

How did the roles of women change during ww1?

they could vote, they could work in offices instead of factories. Some became leaders in the field hope this helps

What are the different roles and positions in the Catholic Church?

Some roles and positions in the Catholic Church are the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests. Other roles are nuns and deacons.

Why was the league of nations name changed to unitied nations?

Because the nations were all united in some way

Is evaporation a chemical change during the water cycle?

No, it is a physical change, like all changes in the water cycle; * Physical change: change in the state of matter, change in size, texture, position, etc. * Chemical change: change in intrachemical structure and requires some energy input to reverse.

How did the first nations way of life change when the settlers from France came to the Great Lakes-St Lawrence lowlands?

When the settlers Came the Fist nations population died down and some started disappearing mysteriously

What are the roles of the chief executive?

The chief executive has many roles. Some of the roles that the chief executive has are appointing people to his cabinet, meeting with the heads of other countries, and creates laws.

What roles do men have in church?

In Christian and Islamic faith the man have ALL the roles - women are very much second-class creatures, and don't have roles which are theirs alone. Indeed in Christianity it is only recently that some of the Churches have allowed women to have the same roles as men. Judaism has a longer history of allowing women to be rabbis.... but there are still some men-only roles, I believe.

What was the impact of the slave trade on African nations?

Some African nations lost some ethnic groups to the slave trade as well as some African nations had in influx of white persons to "civilize" the countries. After the slave trade returning Africans created nations such as Liberia.

What are some roles for a US citizen?

To be quiet and get on with our lives

What are some ecological roles of seagrasses?

They act as producers .