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Sometimes with 'the holy spirit'

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Q: How did they search for people in bible time?
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Where is it in the bible where the word time is mention?

I went to and entered the word "time" into the keyword search. The word "time" is used 888 times in the Bible. (New International Version)

When people may read The Bible?

When? The Bible is for any time, and all times.

At what age did people in the Bible get married at?

In the bible at Jesus time they got married when they were young.

Where can one search for keywords in the Bible?

One can search for keywords in the Bible by first accessing an online website that has the complete Bible. Then one can perform a search function on the website either through a search box or through the "Find" option.

Who was Philomena in The Bible?

There is no Philomena in the Bible. Use an online Bible search and see for yourself.


Search Strong's Bible ConcordanceA Strong's Concordance of the Bible is an excellant source to study Hebrew names of people and places. It can be available freethrough some internet searches.

Where in the bible do i find Meredith?

You can search the Bible with online tools, such as biblegateway. Specifically, a search for "Meredith" turns up zero results. I tried this by using the New International Version; but if you like, you can try to repeat the search with other versions of the Bible.

Where in the bible do you find the word refer?

This is best answered by a search engine, not a person. Find someone with an electronic bible and do a search.

What does Brandon mean in Bible terms?

"Brandon" has no return in a Bible search.

Do Lutheran people read The Bible?

As the bible is there for all to read at any time they do like, yes the Lutheran people and the Lutheran church do very much read the protestant bible.

How many times does the Bible say love?

281 times (Word search using Online Bible word search function)

How many times is the word Sunday mentioned in the Bible?

just get a pdf of the bible and search for the word Sunday check the no of search results