How did they treat soldiers from returning home from the Vietnam war?

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They were spit on and called "baby killers" and "war mongers" along with murderers. Some hippies burned the American flag in protest to the war. The hippies often taunted the soldiers and blamed them for the war by saying if it wasn't for them fighting, the war could have been avoided.
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How were the World War Two pilots treated when they returned home?

African American soldiers were taken off buses with their uniforms on,beaten and many were killed. They fought a two front war: Racism in the military and the old Jim Crow Laws in America. Sad to say but they were treated as second class citizens after fighting for our Country.

How were World War 2 veterans and Vietnam veterans treated differently when returning home?

Treatment of Returning Veterans WW2 veterans were respected by the public, Vietnam veterans and were looked down upon by the public, mostly because the media was where it shouldn't have been. Untill several years latter of course, now the veterans of Vietnam are respected as well WW2 Veterans were ( Full Answer )

How were soldiers treated after returning home from World War 2?

The returning soldiers were generally respected and loved. During World War II, the jobs of the men at war where taken by women, and there were less people. When they returned, there was housing shortages and the soldiers didn't not know what to do. The solution to this was the GI Bill. The GI Bi ( Full Answer )

Why were Vietnam veterans treated badly when they returned home?

There was a very strong anti-war movement during the Vietnam War,and many people believed that it was wrong for the US to meddle inthe affairs of Vietnam, which was not a threat to the US and hadnever attacked the US. Soldiers who fought in Vietnam did notnecessarily agree that the war was a good id ( Full Answer )

What was the public's opinion of the Vietnam War and how did it affect Vietnam veterans when they returned home?

Many of the young soldiers that came back home came back with not only broken bodies, but broken minds and were met with ridicule; people spitting at them for being 'baby killers'; not being able to find work; their own government turned their backs on them and many never got the medical or psycholo ( Full Answer )

Why were Vietnam veterans often treated badly when they returned home?

The Vietnam vets Vietnam Vets were often treated Badly and unfairly due to theunpopular nature of the war. The Vietnam Vets The decision to enter the Vietnam War was at first received withmuch support from the Australian public. However, it soon dividedthe nation with the introduction of conscript ( Full Answer )

What happened to some Vietnam soldiers' marriages when they returned home?

As was, and still is, the situation in which husbands are absent for extended periods of time, can cause personal difficulties at home (family). This has been true for all absences, whether they be for military reasons, extended civilian business trips, extended medical reasons, or extended pleasure ( Full Answer )

What effects did the Vietnam war have on returning soldiers?

Many returning servicemen did not tell anyone they were veterans because of discrimination. Discrimination might come from his girlfriend (she would leave him), an employer (would not hire him or fire him), a neighbor (might trash his front yard), a school instructor (teacher) (purposely give him a ( Full Answer )

Treatment of the soldiers from there return from Vietnam?

Servicemen returning home from Vietnam were often given a "dirty look" of disguist, or had a "smart remark" made to them. Many returning veterans would NOT tell people that they were veterans of the Vietnam War.

How Were the U.S soldiers treated after they returned from Vietnam?

Finding a job was difficult. Most employers didn't trust Viet Vets. They believed what they heard from rumors/news media, etc. The average US citizen believed the same information. Rejection from friends (who considered returning GI's to be "not smart" for going-even if he was drafted), family membe ( Full Answer )

What were the effects of the Vietnam War on the American soldiers when they went back home?

Back in those days (60's/70's) when people found out you were a Viet War vet, they'd either walk away from you; or give you a sneer . . . then walk away from you, or start an argument with you . . . or spit on the ground with their eye on you. Or, in some stretched examples, start a fist fight. Unti ( Full Answer )

After the Vietnam war did the returned soldiers turn to drugs?

Most of us did not. I drank a lot but havn't now for many years. Most of us were busy working and raising families after our tours. The vast majority of us Vietnam veterans were everyday working people that were unrecognized for our sacrifice but were mostly silent about our service because we and t ( Full Answer )

What problems did the U.S. soldiers experience upon returning home from Vietnam?

Some people in the US greeted a returning GI (men returning from Vietnam came home alone...they did NOT return with their units or as groups of men) with scowls and verbal threats, or when seeing a wounded veteran, stating that they were, "glad the man had his arm blown off", adding that "...he dese ( Full Answer )

Were returning Vietnam soldiers debriefed after fighting in the war?

Returning GI's arrived home aboard a "freedom bird" (chartered civilian airliner). The men usually were all strangers to each other aboard the airliner; when landing in the US, they sometimes processed thru a military installation, received a steak dinner, there last pay-check, then went their own w ( Full Answer )

What were the chances of returning home from Vietnam war?

From a figure of over 2 1/2 million US servicemen; over 300,000 were wounded, and over 58,000 were killed. Over 2 million men made it home un-injured; or, less than half a million men were killed or wounded.

How were soldiers treated after returning home from the first Persian gulf war?

The first Persian Gulf war, was the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988), in which nearly 40 US Sailors were killed when an Iraqi jet fired a missile at the US Navy frigate USS Stark. Sometime later, the USN warship, USS Vincennes shot down (accidently) an Iranian airliner with a surface to air missile. US Ser ( Full Answer )

Were Vietnam soldiers able to come home and visit during the war?

GIs in Vietnam were authorized 30 day leaves if they extended for another tour, and were authorized to return (visit) to CONUS (Continental US). Married men could go to Hawaii for R & R. All other R & R servicemen were restricted to either Japan, Australia or SEA (South East Asia).

What was life like for a soldier in the Vietnam War and then coming home to no support?

Life for many U.S soliders coming back from Vietnam was hard. The public didn't support them which was no help for the PDMS that most suffered from. Alot of the returning soldiers ended up commiting suicide or developed severe Mental disorders such as Paranoid Skizophrenia. Others live out life as n ( Full Answer )

What year did soldiers start coming home from Vietnam war?

GI's always came home on a continuous basis; after their 12 month tour, they rotated home. Draftees only served 24 months in the army; if sent to Vietnam, they often ETS'd after only 18 months in the army (6 months for training, 12 months in Nam). The US began leaving the war in about '73. Total eva ( Full Answer )

How where the soldiers received once they returned from the Vietnam war?

Normally US servicemen returned home alone, they might have had some fellow GIs on the plane arriving back into the US, but once it landed, each man went his own way. Being alone, he sometimes ditched his uniform to avoid trouble and took a cab home; or he might wear his uniform home. In some cases ( Full Answer )

How were the returning soldiers from Vietnam treated?

the soldiers that returned from the Vietnam war were treated with disrespect and people did not like what they had done. The people could see what they did over television because the war was being broadcasted.

Movie with chris christopherson as Vietnam war prisoner returning home?

The movie is Welcome Home, with Kris Kristofferson, JoBeth Williams, Brian Keith and Sam Waterston. It was a 1989 made-for-TV drama. Lt. Jake Robbins (Kris Kristofferson) was supposed to have been killed in the Vietnam War. His wife, Sarah (JoBeth Williams), moved on with her life. But Lt. Robbin ( Full Answer )

How many soldiers returned home after World War 2?

Military History Companion: Demobilization In World War II, formal planning for demobilization began two years before the end of the war with . For the first time in American history, demobilization was done primarily by individual rather than by unit. Demobiliz ( Full Answer )

Why were soldiers mistreated when returning from Vietnam?

Written on a GI's steel pot (helmet) in Vietnam: "We the unwilling, led by the unqualified, are doing the impossible, for the ungrateful." Blamed for the losing the war (that they didn't want to fight to begin with); when they came home, the "ungrateful" met them at the door.

What was it like for a union soldier to return home after the war?

The Union Army were the victors; they had "preserved the Union!" The "Grand Army of the Republic" (GAR) was America's first large veteran's organization which disbanded on or about the 1930's when the last Civil War men began to depart this life. Note: The US Civil War (aka American Civil War) is o ( Full Answer )

Why were the soldiers from Vietnam war treated so badly?

Vietnam was a hugely unpopular and divisive war. Activists believed it was a pointless show of American imperialist hegemony. After the My Lai massacre, the legitimacy of the war and soldiers' actions was further tarnished.

How were the Vietnam soldiers treated when they came home?

Vietnam soldiers were treated quite differently than soldiers returning from previous wars. This is because the Vietnam war itself caused great controversy in the US over whether we should be involved or not an many opposed it. When the soldiers returned home they were not greeted with fanfare and e ( Full Answer )

Are the soldiers that are in Iraq being treated better from the Americans than the soldiers that came home during the Vietnam war?

Any returning servicemember is and was treated better than a Vietnam returnee. With the one exception of Confederate soldiers returning home (the south) after the US War of the Rebellion (American Civil War/US Civil War/War between the states). But then technically, those Rebels/Confederates weren't ( Full Answer )

Why were the soldiers angry after returning home from World War I?

There were a number of reasons, some of them strictly personal. The reason which outraged all soldiers, and has echoed down the decades since WW1, is that many soldiers returned to find that they had lost their homes and/or farms to foreclosure. They had had no way to pay the mortgage on army p ( Full Answer )

Why was it difficult for soldiers to return from Vietnam especially compared to world war 2 veterans?

The Vietnam war was not a 'popular war', especially on college campasses. Therefore when the soldiers came home, they were met at the airport by mob-protestors of the war..............and called baby killers. World War 2 soldiers returned home as heros, even tho they had undoubtedly committed atroci ( Full Answer )

How were soldiers treated when they came home from Vietnam war?

They were treated like criminals. I was a a Vet of Viet Nam and can remember being cursed by people driving by in cars, throwing things at me and yelling murderer. We were ordered to do what we did thinking that it was in the best interest of the country. We hated it as much as the next person but w ( Full Answer )

How was the soldier treated in the Vietnam war?

The soldiers at Vietnam were not treated right. The American Soldiers get welcomed back to American, but when they get to Vietnam they don't get welcomed. They get treated bad by crows of people. kk

How did the Vietnam War affect the soldiers at home?

Losing a loved one thru death/MIA/POW. Having a loved one handicapped for life (e.g. amputee, wheel chair, etc.). Turning down offers of home buying, relocations, careers, marriages, children, college, etc. due to the uncertainty of the draft (not knowing when "your number is going to be called").