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How did those at home help the troops in the trenches?

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About 900,000 women were involed in making shells, guns and aircraft materials for the british forces. many of theese women worked in larges munitions factorie, and most were working class. they did a wide range of jobs, such as making bullets and shells, assembling detonators, and filling the shells with gunpowder.

The numver of women in paid work durning the 1st world war inscreased by over a millioon. many women left domestic services and went to work elsewhere.

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How did American troops help end the war?

they went home and ate sanwhiches

Were there trenches in the US?

Hmm. Not literally. Sometimes you will see the phrase that mentiosn the "home front" or the "home trenches" which refers to the civilians helping in the war effort by giving and saving on products such as gas, rubber and meat. Maybe that is what you refer to.

Why did troops return in world war 2?

Troops went home when the war ended.

What did they do when they were bored in the trenches?

In trenches I really doubt there was any downtime to be bored in. But I'd imagine they wrote letters home, or played cards. but sometimes they reverted to sexual fun;)

Why did Siddhartha Gautama leave home at age 30?

to help those who felt pain and were suffering

What year did troops come home from Vietnam?

Troops began coming home in 1973, and complete evacuation was completed by 1975 when the south was taken over.

What are the generally agreed upon home equity loans pros and cons?

The generally agreed upon home equity loans pros and cons are those that help you find home that are great for the person. It is a great place to find those homes.

Why did Alexander attempt to cross a desert?

He was cranky with his troops for refusing to help him to attack India, and on the way home marched them through the Gedrosian Desert to inflict a lesson on them.

Why should US troops come home?

the reasom our troops should come is because we have lost over 1,000,000,000 troops and we shouln't lose any more.

Why were the troops pulled out of Vietnam?

The American Military pulled the troops out of Vietnam because of political pressure on the home front.

4 in what ways did the women on the home front help the soldiers who went off to war?

The women sent food to the troops, made clothing and bandages and collected supplies.

What does quartering of troops mean?

It means that troops could forcibly occupy someone's home Quartering means to house and feed, therefore the answer to your question is this: To house and feed troops.

Richard M. Nixon responsible for bringing your troops home?

Richard Nixon was responsible for bringing almost all of the American troops home from Vietnam. He promised that he would do it and he did.

What are the release dates for Paula's Home Cooking - 2002 Cooking for the Troops?

Paula's Home Cooking - 2002 Cooking for the Troops was released on: USA: 27 November 2004

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Do oyu help with home repair to home?

Was there support at home in the US for the Vietnam War?

No there was not much support for the u.s troops back home

Why are your troops not home yet?

Because Obama has not yet realeased them.

What U.S president brought back the U.S troops home?

President Eisenhower promised in his campaign to negotiate a cease-fire in Korea, which he did soon after he was elected. Troops are still being kept there, however. Woodrow Wilsonbrought the troops home after World War I.

What does The troops will be home for Christmas mean - Used in the movie Love Story when Jennifer was dying?

The phrase "the troops will be home for Christmas" was used in the movie Love Story when the character Jennifer was dying and means that there was hopes that the war would soon be over. This way the troops would be able to go home to their families for Christmas.

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can I get help on home repair?

How many troops returned home from Iraq in August 2007?

The number of Iraqi troops that returned from Iraq in august 2007 was 1,298

What is the role of a home health aide?

The role of a home health aide is to help those who can not care for themselves in the home. They distribute medications, do small chores, and take care of other small health problems.

What is home front during the war?

The civilians at home, often struggling with conditions just as bad as the troops.

How were the American troops received at home after the war?

with pride and joy of what they have accomplished

The third amendment gives freedom from the need to?

It stops the quartering of troops which means the government can't use your home to house troops or weapons

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