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I think you have confused the FIRST WORLD WAR with WW2. During the First World War, from 1914 to 1918, the great majority of the fighting took place from two sets of trenchs, one set was held by the Germans, and the other was held jointly by the British, French, Canadian, and at the latter end of the war, by the Americans. This was the first war that saw trench warfare last for years with little movement on either side. During WW2, from 1939 to 1945, the fighting was MUCH MORE MOBILE, with few situations where troops sat in trenchs for very long. The use of fast armoured cars and tanks and trucks sped up the tempo of the fighting. This was called mobile warfare, compared to the stagnant quagmire in the mud of the First World War.

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How were the soldiers treated during the battle at gallipoli?

The soldiers were treated OK during the Battle of Gallipoli. It was a battle and the conditions were bad, but the soldiers were not mistreated by commanders.

What were living conditions like for soldiers on the battlefield during ww1?

not nice

What were the living conditions like for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War?

It Sucked

Where did soldiers sleep during the English Civil War?

on a bed

How man English soldiers died during world war 2?

383,800 British Soldiers were killed during World War 2.

What are the the conditions the soldiers had to endure during the winter months?

cold weather and not enough supplies

What were English soldiers callled during World War 2?


What were the living conditions like in Germany during World War 2 for soldiers?

it was very very bad the soldiers were beaten up and ill treated

What were the conditions for the soldiers during World War I?

Deplorable sanitation conditions in the trenches led to outbreaks of disease. Trench Foot was pandemic, and morale was low.

What were the battle conditions of the Russian soldiers during World War 1?

weapons taken from the dead and wounded

What were the conditions during the Crusades?

Conditions were very unsanitary... so much that when the soldiers were sailing into the Crusades for battle, about 1/4 of the men died from disease itself.

Southern soldiers living conditions during the civil war?

it was not to healthy like it should have been back home.

Who fought for the English king during the American revolution?

Redcoats(british), Hessians german soldiers also called mercenaries. These soldiers fought not out of loyalty but for pay

What was life like for the US soldiers in the Korean War?

Bad conditions as experienced by US forces during WW2 in Europe and the Pacific.

What is origin of word hubbub?

It came into English in the 16th century, during the nine years war with Ireland. It was the description of English soldiers of the Irish warcry "abu".

What problems did the British soldiers have to face ww1?

Trench warfare was the biggest problem that the British soldiers faced during WWI. Not only did they have to survive enemy fire, but also the weather and conditions of fighting in a trench.

What happened to soldiers exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War?

Agent Orange was used to eliminate forest coverage for the North Vietnamese soldiers. U.S. Soldiers that were exposed to Agent Orange developed all sorts of medical conditions including cancer.

What did the physicians do during the World War 2?

Physicians during the war spent their time patching the wounds of soldiers. They also had to deal with the diseases poor living conditions of the troops caused.

What body of water separated British and German soldiers by just 21 miles during the Battle of Britain?

The English Channel.

How did the trenches affect the soldiers in world war 1 and 2?

the trenches affected the soldiers during ww1 ww2 by supplying some cover for the soldiers and they were also a living hell because they held water and were often soaked by blood from fallen comrades

Living conditions at the front line during ww1?

cold and muddy conditions. Soldiers had got infections in the feet known as trench foot, and infections iin the mouth. Shell shock was a mental problem due to the explosions, which made some soldiers kill themselves. But theleaders in charge thought that these soldiers just wanted to get away from the fight, so they refeered to them as cowards

How many english died during world war 2?

450,900 in total. Britain lost 383,800 soldiers and 67,100 civilians.

Did George Washington have any obstacles?

During the Revolution things were not going well and soldiers wanted to desert and there was a potential mutany because conditions were so poor.

Why did so many soldiers die of disease?

The primary reason so many soldiers died from disease during the American Civil War is the poor sanitation conditions that existed. Medical technology was primitive at best by today's standards.

Name of World War I German Soldiers?

German soldiers during World War I were called "Huns" by the American soldiers. The Germans called their soldiers "The Bosch" during World War I.