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How did trilobites move?

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Many walked on the ocean floor with their segmented legs. Others swam in the water above the sea floor.

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Which came first trilobites or ammonites?


Did dinosaurs or trilobites come first?


When did The Trilobites end?

The Trilobites ended in 1992.

When was The Trilobites created?

The Trilobites was created in 1984.

What kind of animals are trilobites?

They were arthropods. Trilobites are extinct.

Did trilobites bite?

Trilobites did not have jaws, therefore they could not bite.

What is trilobites?

Trilobites are a fossil group of marine arthropods. Trilobites are now extinct, but are one of the first-known types of arthropods.

Are Trilobites land animals or water animals?

Trilobites are extinct but they were marine animals.

Why are trilobites good index fossils?

Trilobites: The Index Fossil There are many thousands of known species of trilobite fossils found worldwide. Trilobites are considered to be good index fossils because they evolved so rapidly, and this allows geologists the ability to date the rocks in which the trilobites are found. The discovery of trilobites is second only to the discovery of dinosaurs, and new species of trilobites are still being discovered today.

When did trilobites live?

Trilobites first appeared in the Cambrian and were last seen in the Middle Permian.

Are trilobites alive today?

No, trilobites are not alive today. They went extinct in the Middle Permian.

What phylum do trilobites and fossils belong to?

Trilobites are in the phylum arthropoda it means jointed foot.

What age are trilobites?

There were more than 150,000 kinds of trilobites and they lived in the Cambrian period. They were the longest living arthropods in their time. People call the Cambrian period , "the age of the trilobites."

How do trilobites reproduce?

Scientists believe that trilobites reproduced sexually. These prehistoric and extinct creatures were a type of arthropod that probably laid eggs. Trilobites lived about 250 million years ago.

When did the trilobites become extinct?

Trilobites became extinct about 250 million years ago, in the Mesozoic Era.

Why did trilobites become extinct?

The trilobites went extinct during the mass extinction at the end of the Permian period.

Where do trilobites live?

Where DID trilobites live? In the ocean, between 530 million and 250 million years ago.

When did the trilobites first live?

The first trilobites lived in the Cambrian then lived all the way through the permian

What lived before Trilobites?

Blue-Green algae known as stromatolites lived in the Precambrian before the trilobites.

What class were trilobites in?


Trilobites are an example of what?


Were trilobites arachnids?


When did trilobites form?

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How do trilobites do?

What does reproduction mean

Are trilobites related to the same group as today's dolphins whales and seals?

are trilobites related to dophins, whales, and seals