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How did u-boats descend?



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It takes several actions to make a U-Boat descend. 1. Clear the bridge (everyone get inside)

2. Close all hatches (make her watertight)

3. Flood ballast tanks (open top valves of the ballast tanks so air escapes and open bottom valves so seawater comes in)

** At this point the U-Boat will descend, but a good Captain and crew who wanted to live learned to do several more actions simutaneously as those first three steps. *** 4. Everyone not driving the boat runs forward (makes the boat nose-heavy and tips her forward)

5. Turn the forward planes to angle downwards (like holding your flat hand out an auto window when moving along - tip your hand down forces your arm down)

6. Start the electric battery motor and put the propellor in forward gear (this will push the boat forward, and by this point "forward" is also at a downward angle)