How did vein deposits get underground?

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Where are vein mineral deposits found?

A vein of minerals could be found anywhere. A vein is simply a long enclosed area underground filled with a particular type of mineral. Sometimes underground mines involving removing a particular layer and sometimes they involve removing the ore from a long vein.

Are vein minerals metal deposits that occur in the cracks of rocks?

Vein minerals can contain deposits of metals and other minerals, and occur in fissures or cracks of rock.

Mineral deposits that fill in open spaces created by weaknesses are called?

Vein mineral deposits.

What are Vein deposits are usually produced by?

hydrothermal solutions

Vein deposits are usually produced by?

hydrothermal solutions

What is a long narrow deposits of a mineral in rock?

That would be referred to as a vein, or if a valuable mineral, an ore vein.

What are vein minerals?

Metal deposits that occur in the cracks of rocks.

Vein minerals are metal deposits that occur in the cracks of rocks?

Yes they are

Vein deposits of extremely large-grained minerals that can contain rare ores such as lithium and beryllium?

These vein deposits are known as pegmatites. Crystal size can be one of the most striking features of a pegmatite.

How is sulfur obtained?

The major part of sulfur produced these days is obtained from deposits buried underground. These deposits are found along with deposits of salt.

Mineral deposits left behind that fill in the open spaces created by weaknesses in rock formations are called?

vein mineral deposits

What carries water underground in the desert?

Under many desert areas there are aquifers, underground deposits of water.

What are large underground lava deposits called?

magma chambers

Are vein minerals metal deposits that occur in cracks in rocks?

Yes and No, while some metal ores may indeed be vein minerals, not all vein minerals are metal ores and not all metal ores are vein minerals.

Which type of mine would be used to remove ore deposits in a vein?

A shaft mine.

What can titanium ores occur as?

vein mineral deposits, magma formed rocks, &beach sands.

Where are vein mineral deposits found and how did they get there?

plate tectonics. Please research that subject for more info.I can answer that! Major gold deposits are usually found deep underground, but this gold was ...they went to mine in the Sierra Nevada. The mining process started with this knowledge ... veins, thereis no guarantee that all the veins that looked at first glance to be of ... How did the gold actually get into these veining systems? ...

What has the author W Dreyer written?

W. Dreyer has written: 'Underground storage of oil and gas in salt deposits and other non-hard rocks' -- subject(s): Natural gas, Petroleum, Salt deposits, Underground storage

What kinds of rocks are oil deposits usually found in?

Most oil deposits are located underground in tiny holes in sandstone or limestone. Because oil deposits are usually located deep below the surface.

What does groundwater storage mean?

Large Underground deposits of water underneath the earth's surface.

Which type of mine would be used to remove ore deposits?

Usually a shaft mine would be used, unless the ore deposits were in a "vein", then a open-pit mine would be used.

What is a metal-rich accumulation of mineral matter that occurs along a fracture or bedding plamne?

Vein deposits

How is sulfer produced?

The majority of the sulfur produced today is obtained from underground deposits, usually found in conjunction with salt deposits, with a process known as the Frasch process.

Describe how a vein of ore forms underground?

Hot fluids that get into the cracks and rocks and it cools and settles.

Which type of mining would be used to extract a vein of ore from deep underground?

Shaft mining.