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How did weapons affect World War 2?

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Yours is possibly the broadest question I have attempted to answer. Without weapons, NO war is possible. At sea, the submarine was greatly improved from WW1. Surface vessels had greater range and speed. The aircraft carrier pretty much meant the end of the battleship. On land, artillery, rifles and machineguns were similar to WW1, but the tank was greatly improved in speed, mobility and firepower. In the air, guided missiles were used effectively against cities. Fighters with greater speed and range provided defense, and bombers could destroy cities. The ultimate weapon- the atomic bomb- ended the war.

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You can't fight a war without weapons.

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Secret weapons of World War 2 is an expansion pack for EA's Battlefield 1942. The pack offers new maps, weapons and vehicles.

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the WW II weapons were important because if there were no weapons there would be less extreme fighting. Also less people would get wounded.

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Here is a good site: If you click on individual weapons, they have pictures of them.

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long live hitler

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