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In the Civil War, the women were nurses. In the Revolutionary War, they didn't do anything.

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The civil war was after the revolutionary war.

The main difference between the American Civil War and the American Revolutionary War was that the Revolutionary War was fought between the British Empire and the American Colonies, the latter of which declared independence; and the "Civil War" was fought between the United States, and the Confederated States of America--two separate and distinct countries. So, in actuality, the "Civil War" was not a civil war, since it was a war between to countries.

no, the revolutionary war was before the civil war. the revolutionary war was when the colonists broke away from British rule. the civil war was when the north and south fought because of slavery. the revolutionary war was in 1775 and the civil war started in 1861

The civil war came after the revolutionary war because, the civil war was about reuniting states. The revolutionary war was fought to become the USA.

Depending on which war you are referring to, the Revolutionary War or the Civil War, the answer will differ. (Your question is posted in both categories.)

A comparison of the Revolutionary war and the civil war. How the Revolutionary was different from the civil war A comparison of two wars The Differences between the Revolution and the Civil War

The Revolutionary war lasted almost twice as long as the Civil war.

Some people think that the Revolutionary War was better than the Civil War. Some people think that the Civil War was better than the Revolutionary War.

The address of the Illinois Womens Military And Civil is: 2 Dial Court, Normal, IL 61761-1626

The Revolutionary War was first. The Revolutionary War started April 19, 1775. The Civil War started April 12, 1861

In one word: Steam. In the Civil War they had it. In the Revolutionary War they did not. Factories in the Civil War could produce much larger amounts of war materiel than was handcrafted in the Revolutionary War, although the quality was cheaper. The locomotive train and the telegraph improved transportation and communication. Stronger metals meant higher pressure for cannons with more range and power, and rifling and breachloading artillery were in use during the Civil War. In the Revolutionary War they used flintlock muskets, and in the Civil War they used percussion rifles. * Many of the Civil War innovations were based on science which was known during the Revolutionary War, but almost a century went by before the technology caught up to the science. By the Civil War, military technology had become lighter, faster, cheaper, and more efficient.....just like civilian technology.

he was in the civil war. the revolutionary war was long before his time. generals were grant,lee

In the long term the national government responded to unconventional participation by civil rights activists with reforms designed to give minorities greater access to conventional forms of participation.

The American Revolutionary War began in 1775. The US Civil War began in 1861. Therefore the Revolutionary War was before the Civil War.

1964 Civil Rights Act and Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

no. the revolutionary war took place in 1770's and the civil war took place in the 1860's.

Civil is when two clans or groups from the same city fight, revolutionary is when the whole city goes against the government.

The Revolutionary War (1775-1783). The Battle of the Alamo was in 1836. The Civil War was 1861-1865.

the revolutionary war lead to the civil rights movement

His actions helped to spark-off the American Civil War.

ya it ended in 1865 (which is in civil war) or some other time in the civil war and what revolutionary war r u talkin about