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Many jobs that were traditionally done by men, had to be done by women when most of the male population went off to fight in the First World War.

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Women had diverse perspectives on the war during World War 1. Some women felt that the war efforts were unjustified and they refused to help in the war efforts. Other women wanted to show support in every way possible.

Japan was a primary combatant and ally with Germany during WWII.

They took over the menโ€™s jobs why they were at war

The Women's Army Corps was a place where women could serve during World War II.

they were sent to England to help the wounded solders

they joined the army as nurses and hospital workers-apex

they join the army as nurses and hospital workers

They joined the army as nurses and hospital workers.

American women played important roles during world war II, both at home and is not only did they give sons husbands fathers and brothers to the war effort.

Americans supported the country in many ways. Women especially worked in industries while the men to war.

In WW2 Britain had national service for childless women aged 19 to 30 for most of the war. Most of the women weren't put into uniform but had to work in designated employment.

agriculture, copper and coal mining helped the war efforts

The traditional perceptions of the role of women changed during World War 1 because many women were forced to take jobs outside of their homes while the men were away. Women worked making bandages, ammunition, and other supplies for war efforts.

In World War 1 women took on more work that was more directed towards men and since they could do it for lower wages so companies welcomed it. Also, women helped with war efforts by nursing wounded and sometimes taking part in the war even if not directly fighting.

The Mexican Americans contribute during world war 2 because of a program called Bracero and that's how they contribute during world war 2.

He thought that women were able to sustain the hard working environment so he claimed that women can contribute tremendously.

The Nazi Party efforts to remilitarize did contribute to the outbreak of World War 2. They were not supposed to do that under the Treaty of the Versailles. They they invaded Poland they broke the point that said they could not wage war against other nations. This also broke the Munich Pact. This upset the UK and the French peoples. Thus the war was sparked.

he pored money, troops,and equipment to the efforts there

propaganda was created that then (as opposed to the propaganda recruitment campaigns during the war) told women to go back to doing housework, and having families as a main occupation.

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