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women took over a lot of the work during war time

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the men have done a lot of work or the men will do a lot of work both of these work fine

With the men away fighting, the women took over many of the jobs traditionally done by men.

Since many men were away fighting the war, women stepped in to do agricultural work.

The roles of men in ancient Egypt were to work until the pharohs work was done.

Squaw is a vulgar reference to a Native American woman. This idiom means work that is typically done by woman and work that is typically done by men.

The duration of The Fighting Men is 1.62 hours.

no, woman excel in the kitchen while men get real work done

The duration of Men of the Fighting Lady is 1.32 hours.

Men were fighting in World War II and could not work the jobs ILOVESAM

Well, one right women are still fighting for today is, getting paid the same amount of money as men for the same jobs as men or the same work as men. Another right women are still fighting for today is, getting the same opportunities as men, like being able to play football.

Frankly, they worked because the men were fighting the war and the positions needed to be filled. Women wanted to work and many were already working... so why not let them?

they worked in factories because since most of the men were fighting in the war..there was nobody to work besides women

farms and factories replacing men who were in the services fighting the war

All the men were in the military. American men were all over the world fighting for The United States.

The Vietnam War was the last drafting of US fighting men.

The Kingdom of Serbia had 707,343 men fighting in World War I.

While men were 'in the field' fighting in the war, women had to take on the roles that men used to do. This included factory work, construction, teaching, law enforcement, fire-fighting etc.

Women usually did the farming and house work, while men would usually did the hunting and fighting.

Women usually have to do the jobs left behind by the men that were fighting. This means that many women might do more construction work or manufacturing.

Almost 90 percents of married men cheat at work about 99% of men who are married cheat while they are at work

as many as men are supposed to work because of the fact that women have the same rights men do

One week. If you take half of four men to do half of the work the four men did in a week, you would get half the work done in the same amount of time the four men did the work in a week.

During the first and second world wars, many jobs traditionally done by men, had to be done by women, as most men were away fighting. Trousers were safer to wear when a woman was working with machinery in a factory. Also, many women wore their absent husband's trousers, basically as a make do and mend due to wartime shortages.

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