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it caused the economy to go down

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Did World War 2 have a big affect on the US economy?


How did World War 2 affect life in the US?

World War 2 brought down economy.

What was true of the US economy after World War 2?

After World War 2, the US had the strongest economy in the world.

How did World War 2 affect the American economy?

it helped pull us out of the great depression.

How was the US economy mobilized for World war one?

how was the us economy mobilized for war

How did World War 2 affect the world economy?

US industrial output made it possible for all nations through out the world to receive US aid.

How did the American involvement in World War 2 affect the US economy?

most people got killed

How did the us handling of the post world war 1 debt situation affect?

Helped Americas economy

How did World War I help the US economy?

world war one helped the us economy because we befitted from Germany's war reparations

What impacts did World War 1 have on the US economy?

in a world war 1 on the us ecompny all the american are died and and war is started 1941 to 1954 the american is won the war by us economy

US economy World War I?


How did World War 2 affect the US economy th most important detail?

The number one thing the war did for the US Economy was to get everyone employed and earning money and spending money, especially on War Bonds. The women who had husbands in the war saved their money and that boosted the economy when they bought houses and cars after the war.

How did World War 1 affect the US society?

The World War 1 affected the US society in various ways especially in terms of the economy. This is considered to be one of the main causes of the Great Depression.

How did world war 2 affect the homefront economy in US?

The War benefited the economy of the US. Wages went up, unemployment went away, prices went up but the wages stay in line with the inflation. Businesses thrived.

How does the Iraq war affect us economy?

The Iraq war affects the US economy directly and will have ling term effects. The money is mostly spent to end combat and restore peace in Iraq at the expense of the US economy.

After world war 2 the us switched from a manufacturing economy to a what kind of economy?


How did World War 1 afect the US?

world war one affect the us they had get a alot of money

How did the cost of war affect the us economy?

it improved the economy because now we had new industries (new jobs) making war supplies which eventually got us out of the Great depression.

Pre world war 2 US economy?


How was the US economy prior to World War 1?

it was about the HYANNINIS

How was the us economy after world war 2 ended?

The best in the world, literally.

How was the US economy effected by world war 1?

After WW1 the economy started doing great. It was a boom economy.

What effect did World War 1 and World War 2 have on the American economy?

it put us in debt

How did the US Civil War affect Texas?

The civil war put a big dent in texas. The economy crashed.

What event pulled the US out of the great depression?

War economy- World War II