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It put it on hold for the duration.

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Q: How did world war 2 effect the car industry?
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How did world war 2 effect the business community of America?

Industry expanded greatly.

How did the enterainment industry contribute to the U.S. war effect during world war 2?

By forming the USO to entertain troops

What were effect of World War 1?

I am not being facetious: The biggest effect of World War I was World War II.

What statement describes the effect of the civil war?

Southern industry rapidly caught up to industry in the North

What is an economical effect of the cold war?

The defense industry created employment.

What is the effect on the world today due to World War 1?

it has no effect

What are the release dates for Empires of Industry - 1997 War Planes of World War II?

Empires of Industry - 1997 War Planes of World War II was released on: USA: 1998

How did the American Civil War effect the cotton industry?

because of britnay spears

Discuss effect of first and second world war on development of education in Kenya?

couse and and effect of first world war

Did the shipbuilding industry have a good effect on the economy of Seattle during the end of world war 2?

The shipbuilding did have a good effect on the economy of Seattle and other the other places building ships, submarines, and boats, especially the Higgins boats. The entire country benefit economically from the war industry. It improved the lives of the workers too.

What was a car called in world war 2?


How did car lights effect world war 2?

If WW2 had car light the Axis would be able to see car and know where to bomb and Britain as we know it would now be decimaited (destroyed).

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