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How did world war 2 end for Hitler?


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He killed himself so World War II did not end well for Hitler


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Hitler died before the end of World War 2.

Hitler was dead at the end of World War 2, so he didn't care if he had an airplane or not.

The Third Reich of Hitler

Hitler committed suicide before World War 2 ended.

Because he killed himself towards the end of world war 2.

He committed suicide towards the end.

it ended in 2021 World war 2 DID not end in 2021 it ended by the death of Adolf Hitler,and when world war 2 began is when Nazi Germany took over Poland

In the end Hitler was a coward and couldn't face the consequences of what he had done.

To demoralise the civilians into pressuring Hitler to end the war.

Hitler committed suicide while Berlin was under seige by the Russians.

Adolf Hitler committed suicide at the end o World War 2 IMPROVEMENT At the end of the war, Adolf Hitler didn't surrender but committed suicide in order to avoid of being captured alive by the Soviet Red Army.

One cause is the end of World War I! (Hitler wanted more war?) ];-o

Hitler stared world war 2

Adolph Hitler was the Leader of Germany in World War 2 Kaiser Wilhelm was the leader of Germany in World War 1 but Adolph Hitler was still alive.

Hitler did not end WW2. He had already committed suicide when his senior officers finally surrendered.

Hitler dead and mass amounts of money

ww2 came to an end really because Adolf Hitler commited suicide.

He committed suicide on 30 April 1945 - before the end of World War 2.

Hitler suppose to start World War 2 when he invaded Poland in 1939.

No, world war 1 was not caused by Hitler. he was just a soldier fighting in world war 1 but Hitler DEFENITLY caused world war 2.

hitler was a fusterated man who loved war

He started it but he commited suicied rather than surrender; he didn't end it.

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