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How did yazid die?


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December 22, 2010 9:55AM

He was on a long hunting trip...some say he reached till almost the south of Lebanon, I forgot the name of the village.

Anyways he got lost from his group, long story short, he met a farmer and told him that he was thirsty, and if he could get him some water...

The man got him some water, and Yazeed (L.A.) drank. After that, he said to the man..."If only you knew who is the person standing in front of you, you would be running and busying yourself to please him"

The man said, why who are you ?

He said (L.A.): I am the prince of believers, Yazeed...

Then the man got angry and said: "You are the killer of Al-Hussein (a.s.) ?!?!?!

Yazeed replied positively...then the farmer took rocks and started throwing them at Yazeed (L.A.) while following him...

In such a hurry and fear...Yazeed (L.A.) rode his horse, and accidentally slipped while his leg was still stuck to the horse...

The horse dragged Yazeed (L.A.) for long distances, until the horse got back to the hunting group, with him (L.A.) dead...