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Q: How did yellow fever play a role in the building of the Panama?
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How did yellow fever play a role in the building of the Panama canal?

how did yellow fever play a role in the panama canal

How did the Yellow Fever play a role in the building of the Panama Canal?


What role did technology play in the construction of the panama canal and empire building?

Technology helped the construction of the Panama Canal and the Empire Building happen faster. Technology also reduced the need for extra labor during construction.

What role did quarantine play in yellow fever prevention?

He did a lot like for example He stopped it and make a cure

What role did the US play in the building of the Panama Canal?

A big role. The US Army Corps of Engineers built the canal itself.

How many people play baseball in Panama?

Baseball is the national game of Panama. Many people play it.

What are the most popular sports in Panama?

They play baseball, and basketball in Panama.

Can I play soccer with a cold fever?

a cold not a fever.

What do people in panama do for fun?

People in Panama go to beaches, they play soccer, and they have fiestas.

How did the us play a major role in latin America?

the building of the panama canal played a huge role in South America because the us traded help with the people of panama in gaining indapendance from Chile in order to build and controle the canal.

Do people play volleyball in Panama?


How do you treat yellow fever yourself?

by play the wii and playing on the computer plus being in bed for a whole day finally breaking the law and going to the pool

What sports do people in Panama play?

People in Panama play soccer, baseball, basketball, and some practice the triathalon. Baseball is the national sport.

Can you play sports while you have a fever?


Did the American play fair on the panama canal?

no they didnt

Can you play on the computer if you have fever?

i sugest u dont it can be bad it can get u higher fever

What role did panama play in World War 1?

Panamas role was transportation. They were used for their canal. The panama canal.

Why do villarreal play in yellow?

But they are called the yellow submarines.

Can you play with panama in FIFA 12?

No but in a world cup game you can

What do people do for fun in Panama?

They Play soccer and have fiestas daily

What role did George Washington Goethals play in completing the panama canal?

For people considering living, visiting, or Investing in panama

Does bieber fever like play cars?


How do you get free coin's on spirit fever?

You get money in Spirit Fever for every cheerleaders you have every day that you play.

Can hives cause a fever?

Not directly. Typically if hives and a fever are present then there are other factors at play. Hives themselves will not cause a fever. If a bacterial or viral infection is present, that can cause a fever and hives

What sports do they play in Panama?

football soccer cricket tennis and baseball