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Pottermore was supposed to open in October 2011. Unfortunately, the opening was delayed until April 2012.

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Q: How did you join Pottermore in December 2011?
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Does it cost money to join Pottermore?

No, it is free to make an account.

When was Pottermore created?

Pottermore was created in 2011.

How do you get on the Quidditch team on Pottermore?

You cannot join the Quidditch team on Pottermore.

How do you join Pottermore if there is no register button?

Pottermore was in beta from July 2011 until April 2012. During this time nobody could register for the site. It opened on 14th April 2012.

What month did Pottermore open?

Pottermore was announced in July 2011. Beta testers were allowed access from September 2011 with the site due to open in October 2011. However, the opening was delayed and Pottermore was fully opened to the public in April 2012.

What age do you need to be to join Pottermore?

Pottermore has no age limit. Those under the age of 13 need to have their parent or guardians permission.

Was Pottermore open in November 2011?

Only for beta testers. Pottermore opened on 14th April 2012.

Why couldn't you make a Pottermore account in November 2011?

Although Pottermore was intending to open in October 2011, the opening was delayed until April 2012.

What year did Pottermore open?

Pottermore opened to beta testers in 2011. The site was officially opened in April 2012.

Has anyone had access to the Pottermore website?

Some of the beta testers who found The Magical Quill were able to access Pottermore from August 2011. Pottermore officially opened to everybody in April 2012.

When did Pottermore open the 31st of October or November?

Pottermore was due to open in October 2011, but the release was pushed back to April 2012.

How do you join Pottermore after the Magic Quill Challenge has ended?

You have to wait until it opens in October.

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