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Classification of air pollution
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What is the three second rule?

if you are in the paint for 3 seconds idle or with the ball . if you are on defense and it happens they get one free throw and if it happens on offense its a turnover

What are three internet safety rules?

1. Never agree to meet someone in person if you only know them from the internet.. 2. Be very careful what personal information you tell to strangers and never give your password so anyone. . 3. If you are cyberbullied, do not respond in kind to the person bullying you and tell a safe adult so th ( Full Answer )

What is the 'Rule of three' for writing?

Humans seem to respond to things that are presented in groups of threes - the three little pigs, third time's the charm, the three wise men ... Part of this is just the fact that if something is repeated or paraphrased three times, it sinks in better; part of it is just the fact that three seems to ( Full Answer )

Three rules for the game cricket?

\nLBW - leg before wicket\nno ball - when the bowler bowls it really high without it bouncing or steps over the crease\nhave to bowl with a straight arm

What are the three rules of the air?

Look before you initiate a turn, Turning right avoids collisions, low man gets right-of-way...too easy, peace and blueskies!

What are the three rules for a good book?

Rule number 1: It must have a phenomenom of the theme of good versus evil. Without this aspect, no book could exist. . Rule number 2: It has to give one character, even if the most minimal a happily ever after. . Rule number 3: It should contain the ability for readers to connect and contrast. Giv ( Full Answer )

What is the like dissolve like rule?

The 'like dissolves like' rule states that solvents will dissolve solutes of similar polarity. For example, water is very polar, and thus will dissolve polar solutes, such as sodium chloride. Water will not dissolve the non-polar compound hexane, although a non-polar solvent, such as octane, will.

What types of rulings are likely to be issued by a Supreme Court composed of four liberal justices two conservative justices and three moderate justices?

Moderately liberal to liberal A majority decision of the full Court requires a minimum of fivevotes. Although not holding a majority of seats on the bench, the moderatejustices would exercise considerable power as swing voters. Theirposition would tend to mitigate both extreme liberalism orexcess ( Full Answer )

Who ruled the Three Kingdoms?

Well there were three kingdoms as you know were Wei to the north. Wu to the east. and Shu to the west. the leaders who laid the foundations were Wei: Cao Cao Wu: Sun Jian, and later Sun Ce Shu: Liu Bei and the First emperors were: Wei: Cao Pi (or perhaps Cao Cao but it was said that he la ( Full Answer )

What are the three rules of nutrition?

This depends on what your goals are, whether your looking to cut fat or to just eat a healthy diet. If your looking to cut fat you will want to make sure you are supplying your body with the correct amound of calories ,protein and carb ratio. You can find many diet plans online for this. To just sta ( Full Answer )

What are the three rules for the binomial nomenclature?

These are the three rules of binomial nomenclature rules You do this when you give a organism a scientific name. 1) The genus is capitalized 2) Species are lower case 3) Each name is underlined.

What are the three Miranda rules?

You have the right to remain silent (protection against self-incrimination under the Fifth Amendment). . You have the right to consult with an attorney and to have an attorney present during questioning (right to counsel under the Sixth Amendment). . If you cannot afford an attorney, one wil ( Full Answer )

What is the three second rule in driving?

The 3 second rule in driving assess how often you should be lookingat mirrors. You should be looking at mirrors every 3 to 5 seconds.

What are the three rules for a planet?

1) It must orbit the sun directly, and not another solar system body. (This lets out Ganymede, for example, which orbits Jupiter.) 2) It must have sufficient mass to have reached hydrostatic equilibrium : a near-round shape. (This removes most asteroids, which are too small for gravity to have ( Full Answer )

What are the three golden rules of accounting?

Real Accounting: Dr - What comes in Cr - What goes out Examples of this kind of transaction include cash/bank and rent. Personal Accounting: Debit is the receiver. Credit is the giver. An example of this kind of transaction is Vendor/Customerrelations. Nominal Accounting: All gains and income ( Full Answer )

What are the three rules of theme?

1. Make it one sentence 2. Make it a generalization about life without naming specifics nor making it too broad. 3. Get the central idea of the author.

What are the three rules for a forensic hash?

You cant predict the hash value of a file or device . No two hash values can be the same . If anything changes in the file or device the hash value must change

What is the 'Rule of Three' in witchcraft?

The "Rule of Three" is also called the Law of Threefold Return and states, "Mark well, when thou receivest good, so equally art bound to return good threefold. What ye shall do as evil is thrice returned." It serves as a caveat given to newly initiated witches in some Wiccan traditions. The purpose ( Full Answer )

What are three exceptions to the octet rule?

1. Molecules with an odd number of electrons 2. Molecules in which an atom has less than an octet 3. Molecules in which an atom has more than an octet

What are the three golden rules in CAT?

Cat owners should follow three golden rules. Always keep your cathealthy, always keep your cat happy and always keep your cat safe.

What were the conditions like when Stalin was ruling?

the people were in constant fear of upsetting the authorities because they knew that if they were found guilty of any act against Stalin or the soviet union, they would be killed. Stalin would have anyone he saw as a threat shot in the back of the head. if they were lucky, they would receive the les ( Full Answer )

What are the three copyright rules?

The creator of a work of sufficient originality automatically has the exclusive right to copy, alter, distribute, or perform/display the work, or authorize others to do so, for a limited time, as soon as the work is fixed in a tangible medium.

What are three rules of poetry?

1.rhyme your poem 2. start with a simple sentence to rhyme with such as roses are red,violets are blue,i love you. 3. be creative and think of special things to put in your poem. But poems don't always have to rhyme.

What does the rule like dissolves like mean?

The rule means that an polar solute will dissolve in an polar solvent, and that a non-polar solute will dissolve in a non-polar solvent. For example, salts, which form ions, will dissolve in water, which is also polar. Salt, however, will not dissolve in oil, which is non-polar.

What are the three rules of stbenedict?

You are mistaken. St Benedict of Nursia was an Italian monk who wrote the first comprehensive set of rules for monks living in monasteries. This set of rules was adopted across the whole of Europe for all monks over the next 800 years. The Regulum Sancti Bendicti (Rule of St Benedict) contai ( Full Answer )

What is the three second rule in basketball?

An offensive player cannot stand in the key for more than 3 seconds. If he or she does, then the other team gets the ball. In the NBA, this rule applies to defensive players as well.

What is the three second rule when driving?

The three second rule is when you stop at a red light and your going to make a right turn, you must wait three seconds before proceeding as long as their isn't a no right turn on red light sign.

What are the three basic rules for factoring?

The three basic rules for factoring are as followed: . The number must be a whole number . End results must be the basis of numbers . Cannot be less than zero

What is the three hits rule in volleyball?

While the ball is on one side of the court, it can only be touched (hit) three times. The only exception is if the opposing team spikes the ball and a front row player touches it. This touch is not considered one of the three hits. Usually the three hits are a bump (pass), set, and spike.

What are the three adjective rules in Spanish?

Adjectives go after the thing they describe. the thing and the adjective must agree in gender the thing and the adjective must agree in number. Ex: Ellos son mis maestros favoritos. favorite is the adjective. notice that it comes AFTER maestros, or teachers, because it is the thing that is bei ( Full Answer )

What is the three rule for prime and composite?

If the integers of the number ad up to a number divisible by 3, the whole number is divisible by 3. A prime number has only 2 factors which are 1 and itself. Composite numbers are everything else except 1 and 0. 1 and 0 are neither prime, nor composite.

What are three rules to bicycle safety?

wear a helmetwear close toe shoesbike on the corret sideps. dont crash into a car Three rules to bicycle safety are: Don't ride a bicycle. Be two meters away from a bicycle at all times. Frame the bicycle on a wide wall in a museum gallery keeping it untouched and well covered so the bicycle will be ( Full Answer )

What are the three rules of a polygon?

the first rule of a polygon is that it must have straight lines to devolope its sides. the second rule of a polygon is that it must be enclosed with no openings. the last rule of a polygon is that it has to have at least three sides.

What does the r rule of three mean?

Rule of three means when in drama the first time you want something to happen it does not work, then when you try the second time it does not work again, and the third time it works.

What did the three fifths rule concern?

In the formation of the Constitution, some representation in Legislature was based on population. Thus, the higher population you had, the more power you had. Small states like South Carolina had smaller white populations (only white people counted as 'people'), but had huge slave populations The is ( Full Answer )

What are the three rules to being a planet?

ok so here it is... 1.It must orbit around the star. 2.It must be large enough to make its own gravity. must not have a wierd orbit (like pluto has)

What are the three simple rules of geocaching?

The three rules after finding a cache (as listed on the geocachingwebsite) are: . If you take something, leave something of equal or greatervalue. . Log your find in the logbook. . Log your find online.

What are the rules to three card poker?

Three card poker is played one on one with dealer though multiple players are able to play against the dealer at the same time. It is played with a standard deck and all players are dealt three cards. After initial antes are made each player then decides to fold or play. Folding results in forfeitin ( Full Answer )

What are the rules of Three Peaks Challenge?

There are several events known as the Three Peaks Challenge. The most well known is the National Three Peaks Challenge. The basic requirements are for participants to climb Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon within one 24 hour period.