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Positive and negative velocities are simply velocities in opposite directions.

Before you start working on the situation, you definewhich direction you're

going to call positive. Anything you find moving the other way has negative


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Q: How different positive velocity and negative velocity?
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Can a body have negative velocity and positive acceleration?

no a body can only have positive velocity .sometimes it have negative acceleration

Can the velocity of an object be positive and acceleration negative?

Yes. An object slowing down but still moving in a positive direction has a positive velocity but a negative acceleration.

Can the acceleration of an object be negative when its velocity is positive?


Can the velocity of an object be negative when its acceleraction is positive?

no because acceleration can be negative due to decreasing of velocity so its not possible

Would you use a positive or negative number to represent the velocity of a descending hot-air balloon?

I don't think velocity can be a negative number... Use positive.

Difference between positive and negative acceleration?

when velocity is increasing,accleration is positiveand when velocity is decreasing,accleration is said to be negative.

Can a speed of a body be negative?

The 'speed' of a body cannot be negative. But if you are stating the 'velocity' then it can be negative. Negative velocity means it is going opposite to the direction that you decided to call the positive direction.

Can an object have an increasing positive position and a negative velocity?

No. Velocity is the change in position over time. So if the velocity is negative, then the change in position must be negative - unless time is moving backwards.

Rule for multiplying integers?

Positive x negative = negative (Negative x positive = negative) Positive x positive = positive Negative x negative = positive So if the signs are the same the answer is positive and if they are different it is negative.

What is called negative accelarration?

Deceleration. Negative acceleration = Velocity is decreasing by time. Positive acceleration = Velocity is increasing by time. Zero acceleration = Velocity is the same by time.

Can a car have negative velocity and positive acceleration at the same time if traveling on a highway?

Yes.If the car is backing up, but slowing down, then its velocity is in the negative direction, and its acceleration is in the positive direction.

Why can velocity be negative but nonzero speed is always positive?

speed is a scalar quantity with magnitude only but no direction; velocity is a vector with both magnitude (speed) AND direction, which could be positive or negative

Is retardation positive or negative acceleration?

Retardation or deceleration is negative acceleration. It is opposite to the direction of velocity.

How does positive acceleration and negative acceleration affect motion?

positive acceleration helps to increase the velocity for positive direction while negative acceleration resists the motion.

How do you find the final velocity if the acceleration is negative?

It depends on what information you have. Also, velocity can be negative - it just means that the object is travelling in the direction opposite to the positive direction for the velocity vector.

Why can velocity be negative?

Because before you start working on it, you define which direction you're goingto call positive. Then, whenever you find anything moving in that direction,you call the velocity positive, and if you find something moving in the oppositedirection, you call that negative velocity.

When dividing a positive number by a positive number the quotient is?

The answer is always positive. If the signs are the same (positive by positive, negative by negative), then the quotient is always positive. If the signs are different (positive by negative, negative by positive), then the quotient is always negative.

Can momentum have a negative velocity?

No, momentum can not have a negative velocity. Velocity is the rate of motion of a body from one position to another position in a particular direction. Bodies traveling in opposite directions may appear to have a negative velocity in relationship to each other but any amount of velocity is positive.

What is speed in a known direction?

Speed in a known direction is called velocity. Velocity can have both positive and negative values

How do you achieve negative velocity?

If you have a Displacement - time graph, the velocity at a certain point equals displacement over time, displacement is a vector quantity thus is affected by direction so when it has a negative value the velocity has a negative value. and if your still thinking about it, check out this thought: "negative velocity is positive velocity in the other direction"

What is the action of an automobile if the velocity is positive and the acceleration is negative?

it will stop after some time

How the velocity of a vertically thrown ball varies with time .velocity is upwards is positive?

In that case, the velocity will continuously decrease, and eventually become negative.

What will be the difference when subtracting two integers with different signs?

Subtracting: Positive - Negative = Positive Negative - Positive = Negative No that is not the way it goes. It is positive+negetive=either counting on which integer is bigger negative+negative=positive positive+positive=positive positive x negetive=negative negative x postitve= negative negative/positive=negative positive/negative=negetive thanks The top is right though because subtracting a negative is like adding so you could never get a negative and subtracting from a positive from negative will always be a negative. The question was for integers with different signs so you don't need to do "positive + positive"

What is the difference between positive and negative acceleration?

well the difference between positive and negative velocity would have to be that if your motion speeds up than you have a positive and when or if your motion slows down then you would have a negative accelerarion!!!!

Give an example where both velocity and acceleration are negative?

you backing out of your driveway and slowing down to check for traffic (assuming forward is positive velocity and reverse is negative)