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You will certainly need to see a lawyer about this and have proof that what you say is true. This is a very tricky proceeding and that is why getting a lawyer is very important. Most courts prefer that a child stay within the family fold if possible, so you would stand a good chance of getting custody of the child. Good luck Marcy

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Is it possible to get custody of your 3 nieces from alcoholic biological parents in NY state?

Actually it's Guardianship, and you would need to file a Child In Need of Care Motion.

Can aunts or uncles obtain copies of birth certificates of their nieces and nephews?

Only if the child or children are placed in custody of the uncle and/or aunt

Does Keith haring have a family?

Parents and 3 sisters, and many nieces, nephews, cousins, etc.

What are your husband's nieces to you?

You and your husband, together, are aunt and uncle to his nieces - and to your nieces.

What is the possessive word form for nieces?

The correct plural possessive of nieces is nieces'.

What is a sentence for nieces?

My twin nieces have their birthday soon.One of my nieces has fallen asleep in front of the television.

Are my deceased wife's nieces my nieces?

You would refer to them as your nieces, thought they are formally your wife's nieces. And they would normally call you uncle.

What is 'nieces' when translated from English to Italian?

"Nieces" in English is nipoti in Italian.

What is the relation to you of the niece of your uncle through marriage?

Your uncle through marriage is the husband of your aunt, the sister of your father or mother. All of your aunt's nieces (the daughters of her siblings) are also his nieces. So you (if your are female) and our sisters are nieces of your uncle through marriage, as are the other daughters of the siblings of your parents.Also, your uncle through marriage has nieces who are the daughters of his bothers and sisters. They are not related to you because you do not share any ancestor with them.

How do you make a sentence with the word nieces' in it?

I can give you several sentences.My nieces are coming for a visit.Are those girls your nieces?Nieces are the daughters of your brother or sister.

Is nieces' plural or possessive?

The noun nieces is the plural form; nieces' is the plural possessive form.

How do i use nieces properly in a sentence?

I have three nieces. One of my nieces has had her hair braided. My other two nieces are jealous of her. My niece's braided hair is a honey-golden brown. My nieces' mother is married to my oldest brother.

When do you use nieces'?

The construction Nieces' would be used to refer to a thing or characteristic that belongs to two or more of your nieces. For example: Joe had three nieces. The family homestead was the nieces', having been willed equally to the three together.

What has the author Edith Van Dyne written?

Edith Van Dyne has written: 'Aunt Jane's Nieces in Society' 'Aunt Jane's Nieces Abroad' 'Mary Louise in the Country' 'Aunt Jane\\\'s Nieces in Society' 'Aunt Jane's Nieces Abroad' 'Aunt Jane's Nieces on Vacation' 'Aunt Jane's Nieces at Millville' 'Aunt Jane's Nieces on the Ranch' -- subject(s): lace, oranges, lemons, ranches, racial tension, Southern California, child care, smuggling 'Aunt Jane\\\'s Nieces Abroad' 'Aunt Jane's Nieces on Vacation' 'Aunt Jane's nieces in society' 'Mary Louise and Josie O'Gorman' 'Aunt Jane\\\'s Nieces Out West' 'Aunt Jane's Nieces at Work' 'Aunt Jane's Nieces' 'Mary Louise' 'Aunt Jane's Nieces Out West'

What to call your second wife's nieces?

You call them your nieces, or by their names.

Where do nieces and nephews come from?

Nieces and nephews are the children of your siblings.

What is the possessive pronoun for nieces?

Nieces' is the plural possessive form.

What is a good sentence for nieces'?

I sent gifts for my nieces' births

Who are Jessica Albas nieces?

It is not clear if Jessica Alba has nieces.

What rhymes with nieces?

pieces..? Thesis, ceasesPieces rhymes with nieces.

What are your nieces children to you?

Your niece's children are your great nieces and great nephews.

How do you make a sentence with the word nieces'?

that are my nieces so leave them a long

How do you properly use nieces' in a sentence?

My nieces are going to the mall.

How do you use the word nieces in a sentence?

My sister is always criticizing our nieces.

What is the difference in niece's nieces' and nieces?

niece's - something that belongs to a niece. nieces' - something that belongs to multiple neices. nieces - plural form of neice. person who asked this question - an incredibly dumb person.

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