How difficult is it to remove and clean the Idle Air Control Valve on a 1997 Ford Aspire?

1.Most cars just unplug the electrical connector and remove the two screws and clean with spray carb cleaner and maybe a small tooth brush.

2.(Not to ruin the answer that you posted but using carb cleaner will only remove the gummy buildup contained on a dirty iac valve, the carb cleaner will leave a sticky film inside of the iac valve most likely to make it worse than before. the best thing for the iac valve is electrical parts cleaner being an electrical part it will do the same if not better cleaning the iac valve, it leaves no residue and will lubricate the spring located inside of the iac valve. after spraying with electric parts cleaner let dry and don't get anxious putting it on to early then re-apply it to the vehicle and you most likely saved yourself 50-550 dollars which is the highest I've seen could be more!) oh yeah and to remove it you have to remove the coolant inlet hose, the coolant passage hose, the air inlet hose, the electrical connector and the four bolts holding it on don't forget to remove the negative terminal from the battery just like when working with any electrical component! HOPE THAT HELPS!