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Yes, it will be very difficult but not impossible. Good luck:)

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Q: How difficult is it to rent an apartment if you have a 5-year-old eviction no other rental history and no credit?
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If you moved and never were served with eviction papers?

i live in dallas tx i moved out of a apartment with abroken lease and now i being told there is an eviction on my rental credit history and i was never served because i had already left what can i do

If you don't have rental history can you rent an apartment while in Chapter 13?

It will be difficult, but not impossible.

Can a landlord place an eviction on your rental history and allow you to remain in the apartment yet still keep an eviction on your rental history even though you were never evicted?

(2009) If you were not ever evicted from the apartment then your LL should not be registering (in any official capacity) that you were evicted. Such false registration by the LL may bring about the consequence of you having your credit rating affected or even making it more difficult for you to get a loan, a new rental, a mortgage, etc. Such false reporting by a landlord could therefore constitute slandering/defamation to you and even undue expenses. You should inform your LL, by registered mail immediately that, you want the incorrect 'eviction' registration/reporting removed within 30 days and furthermore that, if the LL does not comply with your request that you shall hold him liable for any future expenses that you may incur as a consequence of his false registration that he failed to correct in a timely manner, when notified by you.

Is there any way to remove an eviction from your credit history?

Other than paying up and having an additional statement put in there that the account is paid, it is going to be on your report for some time. The eviction will remain on the real estate listing of renter history.

Can you ever rent an apartment again if you have an apartment eviction on your records?

Yes, but probably with some restrictions. If the eviction was perfected as a judgment the judgment will remain on the credit report for 7 years from time of award. Bear in mind most judgments are renewable and can be reentered on a CR. That being the case renting an apartment would be difficult without having a cosigner or perhaps paying a substanial deposit. If the eviction is not a judgment the entry will be on entered in the tenantsscreening history that is kept by private companies and can be accessed by landlords/rental agencies. That type of entry generally remains for 5 years. ****In los angeles county there is a tenant screening service and your name remains on there for 10 years. In some cases the people who run this service out of their wilshire boulevard office don't remove names even after 10 years unless threatened with legal action. It will be really tough finding a new apartment, friends have helped me out and have rented past apartments for me under their identity and I live by myself in the unit but I keep a very low profile. In my recent apartment I had to pretend to be an illegal alien to get an apartment luckily they bought it and I have been here for almost two years in not a terrible area but some of the places I lived in before were practically flop houses.

Where can you view your apartment rental history?

if a apartment complex does not take your social security number nor checks your credit, and they give you an apartment for rent,when you decide to leave that complex, will you have any credit history on your credit?

What is the history of the apartment building in Chicago at 6312 W. Belmont Ave?

The history of the apartment building in Chicago at 6312 W. Belmont Ave dates back to as far as 1928. This is when the initial apartment buildings were erected and have been advancing since then.?æ

How long does a foreclosure eviction stay in record?

What record? The court's records are permanent.Added: And so is your credit history.

Can an apartment complex refuse to rent an apartment to you if you have filed for bankruptcy in the state of Florida?

Yes, an apartment complex can refuse to rent an apartment to you if you have bad credit. A bankruptcy alone will not stop you from being approved or disapproved from an apartment, they will consider your overall credit score and credit history.

What is the history on apartment housing?

The history on apartment housing is.... Project? take a look at these two pictures. this as the layout plan. it is cool.

How long before a failed eviction attempt or hold-over case is removed from your credit or housing report?

An eviction only becomes a part of credit history if it becomes a matter of a lawsuit and judgment award. Negative renting/leasing information remains on the rental history for 5 years. Rental history is supplied by private agencies and is not a part of the credit report.

Will a eviction show up on a background check?

On a criminal background check, no. It MAY show up on your credit history however.

I'm a single mother of a 41/2 month old. What I want to kow is there anyway I canget info on a low-income apartment with a felony?

Getting an apartment with a criminal history can be difficult, if you can't find one, you may want to check out the government's Section 8 low-income housing program for help.

What if a apartment bill is showing up on my renter history as i owe them can i still get an apartment?

No. When the apartment you apply for does a credit check that will show. They will not want to rent to someone who owes a previous apartment complex. Pay the previous bill first or at least make payment arrangements.

Do you have to have a co signer when renting an apartment at 18?

This depends on your credit history (or lack of).

When can you stop claiming an eviction if its already off your credit report?

If Its off your credit report ,and rental history you can stop clamming today!

How can an eviction be removed from your credit history?

Answerfile for bankrupctygo to the landlord that evicted you and ask them to settle the matter with you, you can then negotiate with them, and if you satisfy the agreement then you can have it at least stated as satified eviction. there is also a possibility that they will drop the case against you if you adhere to their terms.good luckHaving a bankruptcy ony your record can be just as damaging on your credit report as having a eviction-related judgment and any correlated collection accounts. Working withthe previous landlord iis one good way to have the eviction removed, if you have a cooperative landlord and are not dealing with a large property management company. If the previous landlore is harboring any ill-will from the eviction experience and you do not feel that he will be cooperative with you, personally, then use someone else or a company to do the negotiations. Then, it should be viewed as 'all business' to him. Working with a large property management company does make the matter a bit more difficult. Another way is to thoroughly evaluate the information which will be found in your credit report and in your renter's history report. Certain discrepancies can provide you an opportunity to have your eviction removed through court procedures. If you need help with these hire an attorney or have a company like do the work for you.

If you sign an apartment lease as a cosigner and you will not be living at the apartment will this show up on your credit report?

So long as your apartment is paid and current, such leases will not appear on your credit report. However, should you or the person you are guaranteeing become delinquent, there are several ways in which this information can appear on the credit report. In some states, landlords work directly with collection agencies, in which case it would show up a a delinquency and tarnish your score. In other situations, your name may be mention as a party to an eviction or legal proceeding, something which may show up in other searches that accompany credit reports, such as eviction history, or certain criminal background checks. The best suggestion is if you don't have to guarantee or cosign, don't do it unless you can afford to pay for that person should they become delinquent on their obligations.

How will an eviction affect renting in the future?

YES. This will show up on your credit report as "Landlord/Tenant history". This will stay there for 7-10 years!

What is tenant screening reports?

Most apartment complexes and rental properties make tenant screening a standard phase of their application process. Tenant screening is the examination of potential tenants by the landlord, apartment manager or other rental property owner. The results of the screening are used by the management to determine whether a potential tenant is a suitable candidate for tenancy. These results are prepared by the tenant screening company in a properly formatted report which we call Tenant Screening Report. It includes the following things about the prospective tenant's credit history, address history, eviction background and previous criminal activity.

How do you expunge eviction from public record?

Since eviction is not a criminal offense, there is no record of it whenever your criminal history check is requested. However, it probably will appear on your credit report file. Unfortunately, your credit records are maintained by private companies who are not responsive to removing any records from your files.

Apartments in Houston that accept renters with evictions?

Problems like Evictions happen to good people who fall on hard times due to divorce, job loss, or any one of "life's problems". You need the help of a trained apartment locator, like me, who will listen to your needs and the reasons for your eviction - "the story of why it happened" really matters. Fill out my FIND ME AN APT form and I will go to work for you. It is a free service; you just have to agree to list my name and company so I'll receive some compensation. By the way, finding an apartment for someone with an eviction, is tougher than finding an apartment for any other reason including criminal convictions. But all you need is a few "good years" of rental history to overcome the problem. Everyone deserves a second chance... 832-423-2653-Steven.. no credit check apartments

How would a person get an eviction off a credit report after bankruptcy?

Credit reports just report history...if the history is accurate...then it remains..we live with the past we make. Anything else would be inaccurate and fraudulent. If one does not like the history they created, they are wise to not repeat it.

Why is it difficult for historians to reconstruct Africa's history?

It is difficult for historians to reconstruct Africa's history because most things that ancient Africans made were out of mud or wood and did not last.

Can you purchase a home with an eviction?

As long as this was not a foreclosure and it does not show on your credit report, you should be fine. If it shows in your 12 month rental history it could also be a problem