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Fuel filters are easy. Fuel pumps are hard. Buy an after market maintenance manual for your car. Read and understand the instructions for each of these thoroughly before starting. Use brass tools (fuel pump), they don't make sparks.

Additional: Fuel pumps aren't really too hard. Definately get a manual, but it's very do-able. You'll need to jack the car's front end up to tip the gas back in the tank, release the bolts on the pump, and pull it out. Keep a bucket handy to catch fuel spills, and make sure you release the pressure on the fuel line, if there is any. (Especially on a turbo, because it will be very pressurized!) Despite being in the tank, it's a fairly easy operation.

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Q: How difficult is it to replace the fuel filter or fuel pump on a 89 Plymouth Sundance?
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How do you replace the fuel filter on a 1998 Plymouth breeze?

how to replace the fuel filter on a 1996 Plymouth breeze 2.0 four cylinder , the fuel filter is located on the passenger side (right side ) near the fuel tank on the frame rail on the fuel line , this job can be completed in about an hour, and it"s not to difficult to replace ...

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1993 Plymouth Sundance?

underneath right side by fuel tank

Where is the fuel filter located on 1994 Plymouth sundance?

passenger side rear next to fuel tank

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1992 Plymouth sundance?

under passengers side of car and ahead of rear wheel

How do you replace the fuel filter in a 1999 Plymouth Voyager?

Check out the related link for instructions on how to change the fuel filter in a 1999 Plymouth Voyager.

How do you replace cabin filter for voyager 1993?

A 1993 Plymouth Voyager does not have a cabin filter.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1991 Plymouth Sundance?

on the frame rail underneath the passengers side just forward of the rear tire.

Why does my Plymouth Sundance act like its getting no gas?

Could be a dirty fuel filter or a faulty fuel pump or the fuel tank is empty.

How do you replace gas filter in a 1996 Plymouth neon?

drop the gas tank, filter is on top of tank

Where is the fuel filter for a 1989 Plymouth Sundance located?

Mine is located on the inboard side of the right side "beam" underneath the car just forward of the fuel tank.

How do you replace the fuel filter on a 2000 Plymouth Neon?

Located in the fuel tank.

Where is the starter on a 1994 Plymouth sundance?

I have a 94 Plymouth sundance duster. I am sure the location is the same. It should be right behind your oil filter underneath the engine. If you jack the front end up and slide underneath, you should see it behind the oil filer. If yo have the six cylinder the above is true. If you have a four cylinder the starter is under the manifolds on the rear of the engine.

How do you change the transmission fluid in a 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

Remove transmission oil pan for access to filter. Replace pan gasket, fluid and filter

My Plymouth voyager 1998 ac has a foul smell what can you do to stop that smell?

Try to replace cabin filter of vehicle.

Where can I get a replacement filter for my Sundance spa?

The Sundance site offers discount pricing and free shipping on filters. The link to the filter page on the Sundance site is : There are dozens of sites which offer parts and filters for Sundance Spas. One of these is

How do you replace a gas filter for the 1994 Honda Accord EX and where is it located?

The filter is very close to the firewall and it's very difficult to replace. I still take my car to the dealer for this procedure.

Where is the cabin air filter on 1996 Plymouth voyager?

A 1996 Plymouth Voyager does not have a cabin filter.

Where is '96 Plymouth breeze fuel pump?

The fuel pump and regulator is in the fuel tank. The tank has to be dropped to replace the pump or the fuel filter.

Where is the fuel filter in a 1999 Plymouth Neon?

the 98 and 99 Plymouth neon's do not have a fuel filter, they have a fuel screen that right in line with the fuel pump. I found this out only yesterday when I was had to replace my fuel pump. If your car is not starting and blowing fuses for the fuel pump, you need a new fuel pump.

How do you replace the fuel filter located on a 2002 Plymouth Voyager?

Bad news, the filter is part of the fuel pressure regulator on the of the tank at the fuel pump module assy. It ain't real easy or cheap.

How do you unclog a fuel filter in a 85 gmc suberban?

Unclogging a fuel filter is impractical, unreliable, and difficult. It is far easier to replace the filter, which will usually cost less than 15 dollars.

How do you replace the fuel pump in a 1988 Plymouth Voyager?

i believe you will have to drop the tank and the PUMP-SENDING UNIT-and FILTER are an assembly in the top of the gas tank.........

Where would I find Sundance spa filters?

Sundance sells filters for their spa systems on their website. Here is the link: According to google, finding a sundance spa filter is as simple as going to Fantastic, if I wanted a spa filter!

How do you adjust mileage on a 1997 Plymouth Voyager?

The only ways to improve mileage are to check tire pressures, replace spark plugs, replace air filter, repair any causes for the check engine light to be on.....

Is it difficult to change a fuel filter for a 1995 cavalier?

Remove mounting bracket Remove hose clamps Remove filter and replace observe flow arrows on new filter