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Q: How do Arctic hares move?
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Where do arctic hares live?

well since arctic is in arctic hares, arctic hares live above the arctic circle.

Do Arctic hares migrate?

No, Arctic hares do not migrate.

How do Arctic hares hunt?

Arctic hares are herbivores and do not hunt.

How do Arctic hares communicate?

Arctic Hares communicate mostly with smell

Do Arctic hares live in the water or on land?

Arctic Hares live on the land.

What is the difference between Arctic hares and normal hares?

arctic hares is used to the cold weather,unlike normal ones

What eats Arctic hares?

arctic foxes

Do any animals hunt Arctic hares?

there are a few that actually do hunt arctic hares. there is the polar bear, the arctic fox and man

Do Arctic hare migrate?

No, Arctic hares do not migrate.

What is a arctic hares kingdom?

The Arctic Hare is in the Animalia kingdom. This applies to all species of rabbits and hares.

What kind of owls eat Arctic hares?

snowy owls are the ones that mostly eat Arctic hares

Do Arctic hares eat lemmings?

Arctic Hares do not eat Lemmings nor do they eat any meat. Arctic Hares are herbivores which means they only eat vegetation. Lemmings are also herbivores.

Are arctic hares carnivores herbivores or omnivores?

All hares are herbivores.

Do hares live in the tundra?

Yes, they are called Arctic Hares. They are preyed upon by Arctic Owls and Canadian Lynxes.

How long do Arctic hares live?

Arctic hares live for about 4-6 years.4-6 years

Are arctic hares omnivores?


Are arctic hares herbivores?


Do arctic hares have whiskers?


How tall are the Arctic hares?

10 in.

Do Arctic hares have blubber?


Can arctic hares be a pet?

no they are to big.

Do arctic hares hibernate in winter?


What are arctic hares enemies?


Where are Arctic hares usually found?

Within the Arctic Circle.

Is an arctic hare an invertebrate or a vertebrate?

Arctic hares are vertebrates. Like all hares, they are mammals, and all mammals are vertebrates.