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How do Automatic Car Headlights work electrically and how do they know when to turn on?


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2006-05-23 00:47:05
2006-05-23 00:47:05

There is a light sensor somewhere up front, probably on the dash. After about a minute of darkness, or when it's dark when you power up, the lights go on. Similarly, after about a minute of lHopight, they go off. I've thought about (but haven't done it yet) covering the sensor on my Jeep Grand Cherokee to have them on all the time. Hope that helps.


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Because Mitsubishi Eclipse 1996 doesn't have automatic headlights.

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All you have to do is pull the fuse. They are electrically driven.

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For the 1999 Chevy Tahoe, automatic headlights are turned on by default. Turning them off requires opening the bezel on the dashboard and removing the light sensor.

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If you are parked and you want to here the radio without the Automatic headlights on. Some times if you engage the parking brake it will turn off the automatic head lights.

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