How do Chinese people interact with their environment?

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in the past 50 years, chiese are focus on development the economy by use up the nature resources, that is why the woest eviroment will appear in bigger city in china
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How do people interact with the environment?

Human-Environment Interaction This theme explores how people affect their environment, or their natural surroundings, and how their environment affects them. . Perhaps they have cut trails into the mountainside. . Or built houses. . Or cut down trees. . Or they may have learned h ( Full Answer )

How do people interact with California's environment?

Answer . California can continue to lead the way to solving global warming by making aggressive investments in energy efficient construction, renewable energy -such as wind and solar-cleaner cars and better transit.. In 2008, the Schwarzenegger administration will finalize the state's blueprint ( Full Answer )

How do people interact with their environment?

They interact with the environment by using the resources around them and using what is near them to make a living, as well as other ways. Human-Environment Interaction . Perhaps they have cut trails into the mountainside. . Or built houses. . Or cut down trees. . Or they may have le ( Full Answer )

How do the people of Egypt interact with their environment?

The people used the Nile for many things. In fact, my history teacher told me that the Egyptians could not survive without the Nile. They used it for watering their crops, watering their animals, and for themselves as well. They wear light clothes so that they woudn't sweat too much.

How does an amoeba interact with the environment?

they can sense their environment . they have no senses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ????????????? funny hay ©ool b®u

What is an example of human-environment interaction?

Positive examples: helping beached whales back into the ocean; cleaning oil-slicked birds and animals after an oil spill and returning them to the wild; creating wildlife preserves; building of dams to create lakes and redirect waterways Negative examples: deforestation; unnecessary killing of magn ( Full Answer )

How do Australians interact with their environment?

The Australian government supports sustainable development withprograms like Agenda 21 that are aimed toward the economic, socialand environmental integration of issues. Various governmentprograms aim to educate and hopefully inspire citizens to have adeeper respect for the environment and adjust th ( Full Answer )

How do you interact with the environment?

You can recycle and compost. Sometimes you can write a letter to a national,state,or local service to help you make the world greener. Also, you can host a neighborhood cleanup.

How do German people interact with the environment?

German people do not like to give hugs to Brazilians just because Brazilians are too hot for them. They cannot handle Brazilians in bed. Sorry, Germans! Answered by Jan, a German guy in an international school in Brazil!

How do people in Australia interact with their environment?

i don't know i want to know someone answer The same way every other person on earth does. If its cold, cover your skin, if its hot, take shelter in the shade, wear lighter clothers. If there is danger of animals while traveling in the outbaack, then take precautions, carry a snake bite kit, or f ( Full Answer )

How do people in Bermuda interact with their environment?

Because of the water, nice temperature, and land, sports are a part of almost every Bermudians life. Water sports are the most popular, aside from cricket. Land sports are also pretty popular. Because of the lack-of-other-things-to-do issue, sports are the next resort. Bermuda doesn't have any amuse ( Full Answer )

How do people in new york city interact with their environment?

People in New York City interact with their environment a lot. Since NYC is limited with room (since we are almost all islands) and our city develops very fast, people design the buildings to "stack up" rather than spread out. This way, we will save more space for other buildings that will be needed ( Full Answer )

How do the people of great Zimbabwe interact with their environment?

I had to do this for history homework. I am in 9th grade and world history is my favorite subject! The Shona people, the founders of Great Zimbabwe, interacted with their environment in several positive ways. As a cattle herding people the Shona found a location that was suited to both their cat ( Full Answer )

How do people interact with their environment in South America?

People interact with their environment in South America in variousways like logging, planting trees, urban development, utilizationof natural resources and so much more. Human activities do moreharm than good to the environment.

How can people interact with the environment?

its common to hug trees... its kindof hard to hug grass... i suppose you could kiss it... but i don't think that is sanitary... and this relationship between you and the environment shouldn't get intimate because one of you will end up broken hearted or with serious medical (and psychological) issue ( Full Answer )

How do people in Chile interact with their environment?

Chile's climate influences how and where people live. The climate of the south is excellent for sheep farming. However, only 3 percent of the population live there due to the cold and rainy weather.

What is cuba's human environment interactions?

Human-environmental interaction is whenever a human does something to the environment, like building a bridge across a river, or cutting a road through a rainforest. i really don't know i just want to type

Mexico's human environment interaction?

Mexico has one of the world's fastest growing populations. To keep up with all the people, they have to use the land. One very important thing they do to help support themselves is farming. Farming is very important in Mexico because of their rich soil. Another way they support themselves are by liv ( Full Answer )

What is the human-environment interaction in Louisiana?

the answer is recycling because it is important to reuse things to save the world by using an old used thing and turn it into a nice new thing Answer Human/environmental interaction has to include living in the southern parts of the state which are below sea level because of the strong possibil ( Full Answer )

What is an example for human-environment interaction?

A negative effect would be how the farmers in the 1930s in mid west america over used the soil which caused it to dry up and take flight in the wind which is refered to now as the dust bow

How do people in Florida interact with their environment?

They swim in the ocean and walk on the beach and enjoy the sunshine. Then they go watch the dog races, or go play a little Jai-Alai. Then they drive around in their cars polluting the atmosphere and burning fossil fuels, contributing to global warming. At home they run their air conditioners and ( Full Answer )

How do people interact with their environment in Italy?

People interact with the environment in Italy by going to the beaches, walking through forrests, having nature walks, climbing mountains and skiing.also by cutting down trees for stores businesses and houses.

How do people interact with their Environment in ancient Egypt'?

The Nile River was used by the ancient Egyptians for many things. They fished for food, washed themselves and their clothes, and collected water for irrigation, drinking and cooking. They also traveled by boat around Egypt and into the Mediterranean Sea to trade with other cultures.