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How do I add games to action replay DS?

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In the menu screen, when it will say unknown game, look for the code in the bottom left of your AR. Then you go to the place where you would enter codes, then go to Add New Games, and put the name of your game, and then put the code in. And... there you go!

PS the codes on the bottom, under the game name (properly under unknown game)


its where i put the with the ig letters!

when i did it the bottom screen turned red and blue

what happened


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How do you add new codes to a action replay ds How do you add new games to action replay max for ds How do you add subscriptions to your action replay you tried copying and pasting the address into th?

i wish that i knew too if you find out email

Can you use a ds action replay on gba games?

No, the DS Action Replay is for Nintendo DS games. If you want to use an Action Replay for Game Boy Advance games, you have to buy an Action Replay that's used for Game Boy Advance games.

Why cant you add games to your action replay ds?

You can add games to your Action Replay DS. 1. Open up the "Action Replay Code Manager" on the Computer 2. On your "Codelists" create a new folder, and then in there create a "New Game". 3. Enter the Game ID, and other information about the game onto the screen that you are prompted on. 4. Transfer the new game you created back to your Action Replay DS.

What do you do with the ds action replay?

With a action replay ds you use all sorts of cheats from diffrent types of ds games

Where to get action replay on ds?

go to a store where they sell games and ask them if they have action replay codes for the ds

Does action replay ds work on Game Boy advance games?

No, the action replay DS only works on DS games, hence the word "DS" at the end.

Does the Nintendo ds ds lite action replay max work for gba games?

no.only action replay for the Advance works only for that system.Action Replay for DS works for DS games only.

How do you add games on an action replay ds?

You put the game name on and then put the game Id

What is Action Replay DS?

An action replay DS is a cheat device for your DS games. I have it and it works great and helped me lot with my game.

How do you download action replay codes into your ds without action replay?

You need the Action Replay DS to use the codes on your games. If you mean by putting codes onto your DS without typing it in, you can use the Action Replay Code Manager to manage, add, delete, and transfer codes onto your Action Replay. You can get more information on the Action Replay here: none of this is helpful for the person how wrote it

Is the Action Replay DS compatible with the Nintendo 3DS?

No, you will need a different format of Action Replay, which will be more expensive. BUT you can use your action replay DS with it for your DS games the action replay DSi is not compatible for some odd reason -_-

What is action replay for the Nintendo DS?

an action replay is something that you insert the game in and insert the action replay into the ds. it gives you a list of cheats that you can use on various games.The Action Replay is a device you can insert into your Nintendo DS and use to obtain many hacks in a selection of games.

What do you use the Action Replay?

An action replay is for cheat codes used for ds games

How do use action replay for ds?

The Action Replay can be used by putting it into your DS game slot, and starting up your Nintendo DS. Note: Action Replay DS will NOT work with the Nintendo DSi The Action Replay gets placed in the game slot. Your game gets put in the slot on TOP of the action replay. After this, start up your DS, and the action replay program will start automatically. Action Replay DS will ONLY work for DS games on the DS System. However, you can get a more updated DSI Action Replay and it will work on a DS. DSI Action Replays do not work for Gameboy games. (DSI's do not have Gameboy slots.) Hope this helps.

How do you get the games from the action replay to your DS?

you have to buy the action replay cord you can get them basically at any store that sells games

What is action replay on Animal Crossing ww ds?

Action replay isn't only for Animal Crossing Wild World. It works for many Nintendo DS games. Action replay lets you use cheats for Nintendo DS games. I have action replay and it really helps you if you are stuck on something.

Can you hack a Nintendo DS?

No but you can hack games with Action replay ds

How do you reset your action replay DS?

Ok if your ation replay ds has some how deleted all of its games and wont add any games because it says "there is not enough space" then you nedd to reset it. To reset it do the following: hold a+d while ds is off then turn on ds (still holding a+b) when the Nintendo screen comes up hold a+b and start+select ( this screen is the one where you touch it but u cant cause the action replay) when the main action replay screen comes up release all the buttons your action replay should be reset and able to add games

Can an action replay ds hack a game?

A Action Replay is a system that HACKS and CHEATSin games.

What Pokemon games work with the action replay ds?

Yes all of them work on the action replay

How do you do action replay for ds?

To use your Action Replay DS, you insert it into your Nintendo DS and place the game you want to "cheat" for inside the Action Replay. You then turn on your console, and it should bring you to the main Action Replay Screen. Click on the Star "*" in the corner of the screen to go to the games list, or the game that is inserted in your Action Replay. From there you can add codes. You can get codes on many websites, like or You then type those codes in on your DS, or you can use your computer.

How do you upload action replay cheats for nintindo DS?

first, plug in the cable that is included in the action replay box into your computer. Then turn your ds (with action replay in it). A screen should pop up on your computer listing all of the games. On that screen press the quick update button. Then your ds should be updating. If you want to get a tutorial on how to add certain games, to youtube.

Can you add Action Replay Codes on the DS Lite?

yea i have

How do you add games onto your ds from Action Replay?

use the stuff that came with it and plug it into your computer and you can add and remove games and codes from there like a flash drive

What is Action Replay DSi?

Action Replay is a hacking device for video games that allows you to add, make, and share codes for thousands of games on a bunch of consoles, including Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi.