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How do I apply for Section 8 Housing in Richmond County?


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Check with you local Housing Authority there.

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Check with you local Housing Authority there.

You contact your county housing ahtority.

Check with the local or regional Housing Authority of that jurisdiction.

Section 8 housing, yes. Go down to the county that you live in and ask for a Section 8 housing form. Fill it out with all the appropriate information and the housing authority will decide if you're eligible.

County of Orange offers Rental Housing Assistance Section 8Orlando, FL- (407) 836-5142

A person will need to apply with the housing authority in their county to see if they qualify for section 8 housing. This is done based on income and size of family.

It is relatively to to become a section 8 landlord. You can apply to through your local HUD housing authority or apply through a section 8 participant.

Apply. Check with you local Housing Authority there.

Anyone of adult age can apply.

Yes, there is a physical section 8 housing list when you apply. You can read more information at

In some cases you can apply for Section 8 assistance through the rental office once you locate the place that you want to live. The Department of Housing and Urban Development in your county will also have information regarding Section 8.

You apply at your local or regional Housing Authority-- if they have a waiting list or are accepting applications.

You can apply for Section 8 Housing for free at any housing authority that has that capability. It should be noted that anyone who charges for this type of service is violating federal laws.

Basically anyone of adult age can apply.

You must apply for subsidized housing by completing an application with the housing authority in your area. There are city, county and state housing authorities, as well as HUD.

My name is phyllis jones i apply for sec 8 bergen county 2 years ago i live in paterson new jersey 305 pacific st new jersey

Each Housing Authority has its own rules regarding how to apply and who qualifies. Check with the Housing Authority in that area by calling them. It should be noted that most Housing Authorities have waiting lists to which one must add his name. That waiting list may or may not be open.

you apply for section 8 at your local housing authority and if you qualify you can get section 8

Yes, if your local Housing Authority is equipped with that feature.

The only place you can apply for section 8 is a Housing Authority, and only if they have an open waiting list.

You should call your local housing authority to apply for section 8.

Apply at Jackson Housing for Section 8301 Steward Avenue, Jackson, MI- (517) 787-6140

Each Housing Authority has its own rules on how to apply for housing assistance. Some may have online capabilities while others don't.

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