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You need the Ksp of copper sulphide. From that you can use the equation for solubility product - Ksp = [Cu2+].[S-] where the Cu2+ term becomes 25M.

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What is the compound for copperII chloride?

Copper(II) chloride is already a compound; its formula is CuCl2

What is the chemical equation for copperII chloride?

The chemical formula (not equation) of copper(II) chloride is CuCl2.

Explain why the name for MgCl2 is magnesium chloride but the name for CuCl2 is copperII chloride?

They are identical - bonding two elements to form a binary compound. The only difference is that copper can be found as copperII or copperIV so it's correct to specify which one, that's all. Save with Pb (lead) and other unique metals/nonmetals.

How much does Copper Chloride Dissolve in Water?

The solubility of CuCl2 in water is 75,7 g/100 mL at 25 0C.

The compound CuCl2 is named copperII chloride why is a roman numeral is used in one name but not the other?

The Transition metals can have variable charges depending on what they are bonded to. In this example the Copper atom is deficient by two electrons one for each Chlorine atom.

What is the name for CuCl2?

CuCl2 is Copper (II) chloride

What ions are present in a solution of copper chloride?

Since copper (I) chloride has only limited solubility in water I will assume you mean copper (II) chloride, CuCl2. Then the ions will be Cu2+ and Cl-.

What is the balanced equation for CuCl2 and Mg?

CuCl2 + Mg ------> MgCl2 + Cu

What is Na2O plus CuCl2?

Na2O + CuCl2 --> 2 NaCl + CuO

What does CuCl2 stand for in chemistry?

CuCl2 is the chemical formula of cupric chloride.

The compound CuCl2 is named copperII chloride explain why a roman numeral is used in one name but not the other?

In the chemical formula CuCl2 it is obvious for a neutral ionic substance that copper has a +2 charge, since Cl only comes in -1 charge, but in the stock name of copper chloride, it is unclear whether it is CuCl2 you are talking about or CuCl, which has a +1 Copper, thus in the name, the charge of the metal is differentiated by the roman numeral in parenthesis after the metal. This stock system (using numerals) is much easier to read than the previous traditional system of naming the higher charge metal with the -ic ending and the lower charged metal with the -ous ending, where CuCl2 and CuCl would be cupric chloride and cuprous chloride, respectively.

What is the formula mass of CuCl2?

M = 134.45 g/mol (anhydrous) CuCl2

How do you balance CuCl Cl2 CuCl2?

Add 2 to CuCl2 and CuCl.Now it is balanced.

Cu and AgCl equals Ag plus CuCl2?

cu(II) + 2agcl --> 2ag+cucl2

CuO plus HCL-CuCl2 plus H2O?

CuO + 2HCL - CuCl2 + H2O

Is cucl2 aqueous?

Under normal conditions CuCl2 can exist in either a solid state or in aqueous solution.

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