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Go to the Tools menu and then Options. Somewhere in the options should be a button called "check now". It will ask you if you want to make Firefox the default browser.

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Q: How do I change Mozilla Firefox to a default browser instead of Internet Explorer?
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What is is Firefox?

An internet browser (like Internet Explorer) created by Mozilla.

Which is a better web browser Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome?

Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome

Example of a browser?

Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox.

Which browser is better Mozilla Firefox Apple Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer?

mozilla or safari

What is an example of a browser?

Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are two examples of Internet browsers.

Is Mozilla Firefox a search engine?

No. Mozilla Firefox is not a search engine it is a web browser, similar to Nano Browser, Google Chrome, Internet explorer.

Is Mozilla Firefox a web browser?

Yes. Mozilla Firefox is a web browser like Internet Explorer, Nano Browser,Safari, Google Chrome and many others.

What is the four browser?

Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer Netscape Navigator Google Chrome

Is it safe to have internet explorer and Firefox both?

Absolutely! Many people use Internet Explorer and Firefox at the same time, on the same computer. Answer: Yes, Internet explorer and mozilla firefox both are safe. but some times some secure website unable to open in internet explorer browser. but in mozilla browser open properly.

Why does Mozilla Firefox stop you from installing Explorer 8 as your main browser?

No, Mozilla Firefox does not stop you from installing Explorer 8 as your main browser.

What internet browser should you use?

These ones are the Main browsers: Opera Mozilla Firefox Internet explorer

Is Qwest like Mozilla Firefox?

No, Qwest supplies internet and other services, where Mozilla Firefox is a browser. You can use Mozilla Firefox as your browser if you have Qwest (or most other) internet

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