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How do I change the water pump on a 1995 Firehawk with an LT 1?

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2011-09-12 22:23:48

Well That's kinda a hard job its the same as a formula and trans

am the water pump helps cool the car so my guess is you are gonna

need coolant and antifreeze. it shouls be located right above your

camshaft. If you are gonna do this I would advhise two thing if you

buy the water pump make sure you have the gasket and 2 is there is

an otispark behind the water pump my advishe would be to replace it

cause if that goes out you are gonna have to un do all that to get

to it. ( otisparks have been known to go out fast on the lt1s)

first u dissconnect the negative cable from th battery 2drain the

coolant.romove the serpentine belt drive belt or w/e you wanna call

it. Loosen the bolts that hold it then reverse for installtion.

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