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To evangelize your friends does not necessarily mean to preach Catholicism to them. That might actually turn them off. To evangelize them can simply mean that you live a good, holy, Catholic life and set an example for others. Do not be ashamed of your faith and be willing to answer questions about it and share your knowledge if it is asked for. Do not be embarrassed to back out of activities that seem contrary to your conscience. Always remember, YOU may be the only Bible many people will ever see.

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Q: How do I evangelize to my Catholic friends?
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Why did the Catholic Church develop in western Australia?

For two reasons, to minister to the Catholics there, and to evangelize the non-Catholics.

Does evangelize always relates to religion?

Not really. You can evangelize about a product or idea.

When was Evangelize China Fellowship created?

Evangelize China Fellowship was created in 1947.

Do Jews evangelize?


What country taught Indians about the Roman Catholic faith?

Spanish conquistadors and explorers usually were accompanied by priests who began missions to evangelize the Native Americans.

When Jesus was resurrected what did Peter do?


What did St. Patrick do when he came back to Ireland?

When Patrick was sent by the pope back to Ireland he began to evangelize the people and convert them to Christianity.

What is the motto of Saint Thomas Aquinas College Sogod?

The motto of Saint Thomas Aquinas College - Sogod - is 'We educate to evangelize. We evangelize to educate.'.

What does Evangelize mean?

to spread the love of Christ to the people.

What can you do to tell the Thai people about JESUS?

You can go and evangelize to them.

How do you share in Jesus mission?

You will have to go out in the world and evangelize.

Who needs the Catholic Church?

Catholics the world over have declared their love, faith and consistency in the Catholic Church. Effectively they have said "we need and want the catholic faith and the church that supports it."Catholics have a mission to evangelize. This means that we they want to share their faith and church with others. In other words everyone needs the Catholic Church, however, some have not yet come to that realization.

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