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When changing parts on a car it is important to have a diagram of the part. A person can find the diagram of a rack and pinion for an 1989 Dodge Omni is its maintenance manual.

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When was Dodge Omni created?

Dodge Omni was created in 1978.

Where is the fuse box on a 1989 dodge omni?

It's under the dash/steering wheel to the left.

Is the 1984 dodge omni a chic car?


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What is the dodge omni oil capacity?

4.5 quarts

Cars that begin with the letter O?

Dodge Omni

Will a dodge omni fit a 91 accord?

No way.

Name of car beginning with an o?

Oldsmobile (Dodge) Omni Odyssey (Honda)

What engines will fit your 1991 Honda accord ex?

try a dodge omni or a horizion.

1988 Dodge omni wheel bolt pattern?

if its the Swiss cheese ones theyre 4x100

Where can one find more information about Dodge Omnis?

The Cars website has two extensive sections about the Dodge Omni and Plymouth Horizon; they were companion styled vehicles. Both vehicles were made under the Chrysler name while in production. Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book both have price ranges and grading scales for the Dodge Omni.

Make or model of car beginning with o?

* Oldsmobile * Odyssey (Honda) * Omni (Dodge) * Outback (Subaru)

Can you transfer parts from a 1983 Chrysler cordoba to a 1990 dodge omni?

Maybe the battery and some bulbs, that's about it.

What are the cylinder head torque specs for 1990 Dodge omni?

45, 65, 65 ftlbs , 1/4 turn

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Where do put the steering fluid in a 1987 dodge omni car?

In the power steering reservoir located on top of the power steering pump. No pump then it has manual steering.

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