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How do I find my Gateway address on my MAC?


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2014-05-23 13:44:59
2014-05-23 13:44:59
To get the gateway address do this:1) Click Apple Logo top left

2) click System prefrences

3) Click Network (under Internet & wireless)

4) Make sure your connected to your network

5) Click the advanced button at the lower right hand of the dialogue box

6) Click the TCP/IP tab

7) It will be listed here called "Router" that is the same thing as gateway address.


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The Gateway is the point at which you connect to the Internet. This is usually done via a router. Select the Apple menu icon (top left corner) and then select About This Mac from the Menu. In the About This Mac window click the More Info button. In the left hand pane select Network and note the address after Routers in the right hand pane - it often starts 192.168..... That is the gateway address.

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To hide a Gateway or Internet Provider address on a Mac computer, use incognito mode. In the settings menu for history, check the box next to the phrase "incognito".

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Find the mac address of that computer.

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You cannot find the gateway address just by looking at the IP address and the subnet mask. You need to interrogate the system by using the appropriate TCP/IP utility.

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