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Contact Ford Motor Company. You will probably need to write them with the VIN number of the vehicle. They should be able to help you. Perhaps contacting a local FORD dealer might help also.

Master Number is on label on computer module, in my 1998 XLT is in left rear where jack is, above fender. May be 1996 is different, Ford is chenging location.

Write to Ford did not help, they sent me to Dealer, and it is wery costly.

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Where do i find the Keyless entry keypad for a 2006 Eddie Bauer explorer?

Ford dealer or ebay.

Where can you find a picture of motor for changing spark plug wires on a 1996 V8 Ford Explorer?

Where can you find a picture of motor for changing spark plug wires on a 1996 V8 ford explorer?

How do you learn the different functions on your keypad?

Keypad of what? You should find the user manual of whatever it is you are using.

Key pad code for 1999 ford explorer sport?

On any Ford model which has a keypad, there are several places to find the factory pre-set code. The best and most easily accesible for my Explorer was inside the jack compartment.Remove the cover.Take a flashlight and mirror to locate the code. It is between the wheel well and inside panel. You'll need to be sitting on the inside of the cargo area to see it. It will be a 5-digit number. When you test it, you'll know its the right one because as soon as you push the correct initial number, your keypad will light up.

Where can you find a picture of the 1996 Ford Explorer parking brake assemble?

you can find all your vehicle troubleshooting and repair guides @

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Where do you find the keypad entry code in a 2005 mercury mariner?

You can find the keypad entry code for a 2005 Mercury Mariner in the owner's manual. You can also find it by contacting the dealership.

How do you find out if your 1996 Mercury Sable has keyless entry?

Your Sable will have keyless entry if there is a numbered access keypad mounted under the driver's door handle on the outside of the door. Your owners manual will have the default code for using the keypad and will also have instructions on how to program a personal code.

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Where do you find a parts diagram for a 1996 ford explorer?

A Haynes manual can be picked up at most auto parts stores.

Where can you find a GEM for a 1996 Ford Explorer LTD?

I believe it is in the center stack of the dash and if you need to change it you have to remove the radio

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How do you find the factory Keyless Entry Keypad code for a 2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac?

You have to take off the defrost grille on the passenger side of the dash. Go out side and shine a light in the whole in the dash. The five digit number is on a sticker on one of the electronic boxes located there under the dash

Where can you find a wiring harness diagram for a 1996 ford explorer 2 door 4.0L?

Found the diagram at

Where do you find the engine number on a 1996 Honda Accord LX?

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Where can you find a stereo wire harness diagram for a 1996 Ford Explorer Eddie Baurer?

you can get it at any car audio store. check around your area and youll find one.

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Fuse box diagram 1995 Eddie Bauer explorer?

I can't post the diagram , but if you are looking for a certain fuse , I can try and find the number in my 1995 Ford Explorer owners manual