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How do I find the products I need from China?

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2014-02-26 20:53:40

One method is to attend the Chinese Import and Export Fair held

in Guangzhou, twice a year. This fair is specifically for buyers

who would like to purchase raw materials from China and also

sellers who would like to sell their products to China. This fair

is a big thing in Guangzhou, where thousands of international

buyers descend upon Guangzhou, during the fair. What happens in the

fair is that you will be visiting a lot of suppliers with booths in

a large area, and you can look at the samples and also negotiate

the price. Before you attend the fair it's important that you check

out the website for more information. As the product that you need

may not be at the fair. In China there are so many fairs going on,

that you need to choose the right one to go to. For example, there

are fairs for Furniture and also fairs for Glassware and Souvenier.

I hope this helps.

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